marketing: Your Laptop is Your Billboard! - 01/21/08 02:56 PM
In my last post, I wrote about my friend Diane who generates leads while running errands just by wearing her nametag.  Her nametag is her billboard! 
Then I read Todd Heuffed's post on the merits of doing business at a coffeeshop.  In the post he said he was thinking about posting a small sign on his table while he is working from his laptop and enjoying his coffee.  And really, you wouldn't need a sign, you could just slap a sticker on the back of your laptop.  Your laptop is your billboard!
That got me thinking... how else could you turn daily activities into lead generating activities?
Why … (13 comments)

marketing: Where Do You Put Your Listings? - 01/14/08 09:27 AM

I'll keep this short.  We all know there are tons of real estate websites that we can advertise our listings on for free.  I'd like to create (then post) a kind of "master" list of free sites, but I need your help.  Send me a comment and let me know what are your favorite FREE real estate advertising websites.  To get us started:
and what else?......
Meghan MulleeReal Estate Business & Marketing ConsultantThe Next Level Agent

marketing: New Year's Resolutions - 01/07/08 07:00 AM

Ah, the start of a brand new year!  The chance for a clean slate, and a new beginning.  The chance to leave behind the mistakes and disappointments of the year before.  As we do every year, we all vowed that 2008 will be better than 2007, and we made the requisite resolutions as added insurance!
Well, we are exactly one week into the new year.  I'm curious:  what are your new year's resolutions for 2008, and have you stuck to them so far? 
Meghan MulleeReal Estate Business & Marketing ConsultantThe Next Level Agent

marketing: Make your Meez look like Yooz! - 12/21/07 09:17 AM
As I was perusing the blogs this morning I ran across Sally Zatkoff's posts.  Her posts were great, but what really caught my eye was the avatar in the right side of her blog.  I couldn't help myself.  I know I'm supposed to be working, but I had to check it out.  I clicked on her avatar, which took me to, and then I spent way too much time trying to make one look like me.  Did I succeed?  Ummm kinda, I guess.  Not 100%, but close enough for a fake cartoon picture.  Hey, it's the Friday before Christmas... … (13 comments)

marketing: MySpace Networking??? - 12/20/07 01:37 PM

Being a "Millenial" I've had an active myspace page for a while now.  I've used it to keep in touch with (and send silly messages to) my college buddies, high school BFFs, and my siblings.  I recently decided to use it as a business networking tool, and set up a separate page for my business needs.   As of this morning, my page is up and running.
My question to you guys is:  What are the best groups to join for real estate-related social networking on myspace?  Looking forward to your answers!  Thanks!
Meghan Mullee:  The Power Behind Your Sales
Real Estate Business & Marketing Consultant
The Next Level … (3 comments)

marketing: Standing up for the "Older Guy" - 12/20/07 07:28 AM
As some of you know, I'm taking a stand for the older guy!  I overheard someone say that I shouldn't encourage people to join ActiveRain because it's only for younger agents.  I totally disagree, but need some help backing up my opinion. 
I would really appreciate it if you guys could take just a second to VOTE in the age-range survey I placed over there on the right side of my blog.  Today is the last day to vote!  I'll post the results tomorrow.  Thanks for your help!
Meghan Mullee:  The Power Behind Your Sales
Real Estate Business & Marketing Consultant
The Next Level Agent
UPDATE:  … (53 comments)

marketing: Too Old to Blog? - 12/19/07 02:58 PM

Are you too old to blog?
I overheard someone say today that I should not encourage people to check out ActiveRain because blogging "is a younger, hipper thing and she'll lose the interest of the older agents."  Really?  I don't buy it.  I think blogging is a useful tool for any agent, and age ain't nothin but a number! 
In the interest of proving people wrong, I'd like to hear from everyone regarding their age.  Would you guys do me the favor of taking a second to vote in the survey on the right?  I bet most bloggers are older than the naysayers think!
Meghan Mullee:  … (15 comments)

marketing: Take 1/2 the Year Off & Still Make $$$ - 12/19/07 12:19 PM

An agent I met with yesterday asked me if there was a database system that she could pay for for only 6 months out of the year.  She is a snowbird, living here in Florida for 1/2 the year, and spending the other 1/2 up north.  When in Florida, she works hard at real estate full time.  When she goes north for the summer, she takes the time off.
I advised her that it is well worth her time to spend money on a database for the entire year, and here's why:
Feature:  Organize your contacts in a database. Benefit:  This will save … (2 comments)

marketing: Top 10 Things to Get Done Before 2008 - 12/18/07 02:14 PM
Top 10 Things to Get Done to 2008
1.  Get a Database
An electronic database system, such as TopProducer, is crucial to organizing and efficiently running every aspect of your business from budgeting to marketing to daily scheduling.
2.  Create a Budget
You have to know how much you can spend before take another step.  Your marketing and networking plans will be contingent on your budget, and they will fall by the wayside when you run out of cash unless you plan accordingly.
3.  Brand Your Business
Get a well-designed logo and slogan, and put it on everything!  Set yourself apart, and make your brand memorable.  It should … (13 comments)

marketing: 3 Best Blogs for "Newbies" - 12/17/07 02:22 PM

3 Best Blogs for "Newbies"
Hi, my name is Meghan, and I'm a blogging newbie.  ALL: "Hi Meghan!"  Thanks guys.  I've been on activerain for a couple of weeks now, and also just started an outside blog featuring marketing tips and tricks.  I consider myself fairly tech savvy, but of course, I don't know everything. 
Being a rookie blogger I have spent an inordinate amount of time searching through other blogs to learn as much as I possibly can.  As a thank you to those bloggers, and as a helpful hint to other newbies, here are the three blogs I have found … (1 comments)

marketing: The Basics of "Happy Meal" Service - 12/17/07 11:19 AM

The Basics of "Happy Meal" Service
1.  Lay out the "menu" for your clients. 
McDonald's gives you a choice of a hamburger, cheeseburger, or McNuggets, a choice of side item, and a choice of drink. Give your clients a list of all of your services, and let them choose which they are interested in.  Each property and each listing situation is unique.  Be flexible, and let your client be a part of the listing plan. 2.  Guarantee the product and the service.
McDonald's guarantees that your cheeseburger, fries, and soda will be ready quickly, will be hot & fresh, and will be served in a pretty package.Guarantee that everything you do … (1 comments)

marketing: He Who Waiteth... - 12/14/07 11:03 AM
When I was growing up, my dad had a wooden plaque on the wall of his office that I always found inspiring ever since I was a little girl.  His dad had given it to him, and I always hoped he would give it to me. It was, in a humorous way, the embodiment of everything my dad ever taught me.  The plaque read:
Well he apparently gave the plaque to my brother because I saw it on top of his "crap to take back to college" pile the last time I was home.  I'll save you the "you always get all the … (4 comments)

marketing: Strap on your cleats, and keep on moving! - 12/14/07 08:47 AM

The other day I was talking to my business associate, Dennis Giannetti, about how agents are handling (or not handling) the changing market.  He presented me with a metaphor that I have to share.  Here's what he said:
"Imagine you were a runner.  For a while, you're running along a nice flat, dry surface at a great pace.  Then suddenly, it starts raining. The field gets muddy, and really slippery.  Do you fall down and blame the field?  Or, do you strap on your cleats and keep on moving?"
This isn't just a cute way to say "don't give up".  It's saying that if conditions … (9 comments)

marketing: Blame Yourself, Not the Market. - 12/14/07 08:15 AM
This morning Wayne Miller posted "I don't mean to be anti-social, but please don't invite me to your pity party".  Basically, he went to a meeting with other realtors, who suddenly all started blaming the market for their lack of recent success, and were feeling really sorry for themselves.  Instead of joining the pity party, he began to mentally make note of all the things he had to do to lead-generate that day.
Good job, Wayne!  Now, I don't know this for a fact, but I'd be willing to bet that Wayne has a multi-level business plan.  I'd bet that he follows … (10 comments)

marketing: Market My Listings..... PLEASE! - 12/13/07 02:27 PM

I ran across an interesting blog post today.  The topic was about unregulated internet "classifieds" sites, and the concern that some agents are using these sites to market listings that are not their own.
I understand the concern to an extent.  Agents are thinking "I'm the one that got the listing.  I'm the one that has spent my time and money carrying this listing.  It's MY listing.  Back off my listing!"  Ok, got it.  It's your listing.  And technically, no, other agents aren't supposed to market you listing as theirs.  I understand that it's unethical, and probably illegal.  I get all that.
What I … (6 comments)

marketing: I (don't) KNOW EVERYTHING! - 12/13/07 11:56 AM

Of course I don't know everything.  Nobody knows everything.  How pompous of me to insinuate that there was even the possibility of me knowing everything!  I promise, though, my intentions were good.  I only wanted to get your attention so I could make the following point:  Nobody knows everything, and it could really hurt your business if you pretend like you do.
For example:  as I'm sure everyone has noticed, technology-dependent business is no longer the wave of the future.  It's been here for a while, and if you haven't kept up, you're probably starting to feel the effects.  … (3 comments)

marketing: Why Should I Blog? - 12/12/07 11:08 AM

I've been working with several agents recently to help them, among other things, establish a web presence.  Activerain is something I advocate, and the question I always get (right after "what's a blog?") is "what's the benefit of blogging?".
My two standard answers, of course, are:
1.  Your goal is to establish an internet presence where there currently is none.  Blogging on activerain is one of the best ways to move your name up the major search engines (i.e. google, etc.) quickly and for free.
2.  Activerain is a real estate blogging site.  It's a outstanding opportunity to network and establish relationships with others in the … (10 comments)

marketing: Stop Hemorrhaging Marketing Money! - 12/12/07 09:36 AM
The best way to start saving money is to know what to cut out of your budget.  Here are two of the best ways to save on marketing in 2008:
1.  Stop Buying Newspaper Ads! 
Stats: Last year, 84% of buyers searched for homes on the internet (NAR), while only 5% of buyers purchased a home they learned about in the newspaper (NAR).Alternative:  Normally, I think the best alternative to advertising in the newspaper is to make sure you have a great web presence.  Get a website, blog, and use all the free website advertising you can get your hands on (i.e. CraigsList, Zillow, … (9 comments)

marketing: 4 Awesome E-Marketing Ideas - 12/11/07 07:36 AM

1.  Send creative e-postcards.  Instead of sending monthly "real estate" cards, try something new and not real estate related.  For example:  Send a card with a trivia question on it, then follow up a few days later with a card with the answer.  Of course, always include your "real estate info" on the card (name, phone number, email, website, etc.).... but the point is to send something that people will look forward to and won't be bored by while still reminding them you're a realtor.
2.  Start a rewards program.  Instead of sending other agents in your area endless listing e-flyers, … (22 comments)

marketing: Plan for Referrals: 2 Things To Do 1st - 12/07/07 09:34 AM

1.  Decide how often your possible sources of referrals will get marketing materials from you.  Your past clients & contacts should hear from you at least twice every month.  Set up a schedule (and a to-do) list, and stick to it.  A real estate specific database is the best way to do this.  Learn to use its automatic, reminder, and repeating features and you'll never skip a scheduled marketing opportunity again!
2.  Decide which clients and contacts will get which pieces of marketing materials.  If you have a good database system (such as TopProducer7i), you can divide your contacts into categories, and easily e-market … (6 comments)


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