next level agent: "I was going to get a database, but..." (part 1) - 11/28/07 09:48 AM
"I was going to get a database, but I'm not good with computers."
So you think that you can't use a computer well enough to use a database.  I have two questions for you:
1)  Do you search the MLS using the computer?
2.  Do you communicate with clients and co-workers via email?
Yes and yes?  Then you at least know the basics of using a computer.  Using a database is no more difficult than accessing properties on the MLS and emailing them to your clients.  Different maybe, but not harder. 
What I think a lot of people mean when they say "it's too hard", is … (1 comments)

next level agent: Top 4 Reasons Why Realtors Don't Have Databases - 11/28/07 09:17 AM
1.  "...I'm not good with computers."
2.  "...I'm too busy to set-up or learn how to use a database."
3.  "...I like my paper system, it works fine so why switch?"
4.  "...I don't have enough clients or business to justify a database."
Do any of these answers sound like you?  I hear these things all the time when I talk to other agents about how important it is for them to have a database.  There is a solution to each and every one of these problems.... stay tuned!

next level agent: Top 3 Reasons You Need a Database - 11/27/07 10:17 AM

1.  You need a database so you can stop digging through your purse or briefcase and mumbling,"I know it's in here somewhere!"
A database will keep your clients' and contacts' information (as well as your schedules and to-do lists) organized in one system that you can access anywhere you can get to the internet.  It is virtually impossible for a database to become disorganized, and you can NEVER lose the information you enter!
2.  You need a database so that your cousin living in a grad-school apartment and your hot, high-end buyer don't end up with the same generic marketing materials.
The marketing materials you send … (2 comments)


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