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Some thoughts and ideas about real estate that might help you when you buy or sell.
In January our business association, The Berwyn Devon Business and Professional Association hosted Michael Morrison, President of The King of Prussia Historical Society who gave a wonderful presentation about the beginning of the town of Devon and the History of the Devon Inn. This short clip giv...
I sat down with my friend and interior designer Deb Bettcher recently to discuss Design Trends in 2018. We had a lively discussion and although the video is a little longer than our usual videos time flew and I did not want to lose the impact.Who knew you needed three levels of lighting, and not ...
The past few weeks I have had issues with my back, and one of my hips. I have spent some time visiting my chiropractor. As we get things aligned, something else seems to slide out.This morning I was in a lot of pain as I went to work out and realized, using the elliptical was not going to happen,...
First impressions count, this is true especially when marketing your Tredyffrin Easttown home for sale. But more than this is also the need for exposure not just in numbers but in reaching the right audience. Today, many of the buyers are looking for video, not slide shows of homes.When I first b...
When selling your Tredyffrin Easttown or Main Line home, there are lots of mistakes you can make from pricing your home too high, not preparing it correctly for sale or making showings complicated or difficult. But one you may slip into without realizing it is hiring a full time agent who only wo...
Nearly everyone I know loves Orchids. But often we are too initimdated to try to grow them. In our area Longwood Gardens has a wonderful display of Orchids. Another blogger I follow Roy Kelley from Maryland posted this news that Longwood Gardens is offering a free online course on Orchids. Study ...
To be successful begins with your mindset. First you have to know what success means to you and what motivates you. Without that any goals you have will not be worth the paper they are written on or the space in your head they are occupying.Once you know your mindset, you know what it is that mot...
How do you select three clients and tell why you loved working with them. In a way every client impacts you. We attract clients to us with our writing, our social media posts, videos etc. I am a great believer that if we send out the right vibes we will draw to us those clients we want to work wi...
  Imagine sitting here with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, enjoying the view and just relaxing after a hard days work or enjoying the sound of bird song in the morning.Beautiful second floor 2 bed 2 bath second floor condo end unit. It is very conveniently located near the car park. No need ...
When I first started in real estate, like everyone I had a lot to learn. I tended to have long showing tours with lots of homes, the more the better hoping clients would see something they liked. I hadn't learned to listen very well and qualify what they were looking for at that stage. I got a ca...

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