nick vandekar: Do you know when you need a survey? - 06/22/17 09:13 AM
Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate - Do you know when you need a survey?
Buying a home in Pennsylvania and in Tredyffrin Easttown School District does not require the buyer to obtain a survey. it is a choice unlike some other states around us.
However, there are circumstances whenyou should definitely have a survey carried out. Check out our video for advice:
When you should have a survey:
If there are any disputes over property lines Building a pool Erecting a shed Planning to extend the house after purchase Erecting a fence If the amount of property you own is important to you Knowing your … (6 comments)

nick vandekar: Another 5 star review for Nick Vandekar - 06/21/17 10:52 AM
Tredyffrin Easttown Realtor Nick Vandekar just received another 5 star review from a satisfied and happy client.
We were contacted by this client after they had moved out of the area and had an Old Forge Crossing condo to sell having rented it for a while. Location was wonderful and working with the tenant went very smoothly as we got the home prepared for sale arranging showings and giving plenty of notice to the tenant. 
We got the home under contract with multiple offers very quickly and moved it along to settlement making sure to help both tenant and owner know the process … (13 comments)

nick vandekar: Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate - Do I need a home inspection? - 06/21/17 10:26 AM
Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate
A common question from buyers is "Do I need a home inspection?" Watch our short video with Nick Vandekar, Tredyffrin Easttown Realtor with Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. in Devon PA who tackles this simple question from several different angles.
The purpose of a home inspection is to make sure the home has no material defects or safety issues that can affect the value or safety of the home. The general buyer doe snot have the experience to know the condition of a home. An agent, even an experienced agent is not a home inspector with the experience of inspecting … (3 comments)

nick vandekar: Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate 6/12/17 to 6/18/17 - 06/19/17 10:12 AM
Tredyfrrin Easttown Real Estate 6/12/17 to 6/18/17
Last week in real estate in Tredyffrin Easttown School district.
Another busy week in Tredyffrin Easttown with 31 homes settling with prices ranging from $147,000 to $1.25 million, these homes sold in an average of 46 days on market at 96.3% of their original list price.
Seven homes went pending with prices ranging from $219,000 to $999,000 these homes selling with an average days on market of 83.
21 new listings came on the market with prices ranging from $269,000 to $1.8 million, although this latter home was a relist having already been on the market for 120 days … (2 comments)

nick vandekar: Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate, What if I can't get a mortgage? - 06/17/17 08:40 AM
Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate
Frequently Asked Question: What happens to my deposit if I can't get a mortgage?
Even when you have a mortgage pre-approval things can happen to derail a real estate transaction. Many first time buyers worry they will lose their deposit if they cannot get a mortgage. Well, it all depends, and is another reason to select an experienced and strong buyers' agent to represent you so you are protected.
Watch our video that deals with this question:
Depending how your agreement of sale is written matters when a mortgage is refused.
The reason for your failing to get a mortgage might be loss … (3 comments)

nick vandekar: Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate Luxury Market May 2017 - 06/14/17 08:25 AM
Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate - May 2017 Luxury market
The price point for a luxury market starts at different points across the country. Here in Tredyffrin Easttown generally anything priced above $1,000,000 is considered part of the luxury market. Being the only Christies Real Estate representative in the Philadelphia area Long & Foster Real Estate Inc., has some different price points for select programs for luxury homes. To ascertain what programs your home might enter please contact Nick Vandekar, luxury home specialist in Treedyffrin Easttown with Long & Foster Real Estate Inc., office 610-225-7400, cell or text 610-203-4543.
In May 2017 the luxury … (11 comments)

nick vandekar: Great way to start a Sunday morning - 06/11/17 09:57 AM
We all need routines, having a routine helps with our day. I like to exercise and get my body moving as quickly as I can any day of the week. Today, Sunday I grabbed my bike and took off for the Chester Valley Trail. I can bike downhill to the trail and it is pretty flat all the way out to Exton from Berwyn in Tredyffrin Easttown School District.
A beautiful morning I thought the trail was going to be crowded, but check out my short video and be as surprised as I was how quiet it was today. Maybe people are … (15 comments)

nick vandekar: This week in Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate - 06/10/17 06:21 AM
This week in Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate 
This is the height of the real estate spring season, we are seeing more homes coming to market as the weather improves and school draws to an end. What is left of the Spring selling season is short as families get ready for vacations, summer camps and going to the shore for the week or the weekend. 
This past week saw 19 new homes listed for sale from a 1 bed 1 bath apartment for $124,900 to a 5 bed 7 bath home for $1.895 million.
5 homes went Pending this week 2 of which came on the … (8 comments)

nick vandekar: Our Tredyffrin Easttown buyers snapped this one up - 06/09/17 06:32 AM
We had clients in town last week looking at Tredyffrin Easttown homes for sale due to a relocation. We worked diligently over the days before their arrival to prepare tours for the weekend.
However, as the day of their arrival drew closer, several properties went under contract and new properties came on the market. Showing homes in a hot market means you need to be flexible and react quickly to new listings.
While we were touring several homes were listed and we were able to incorporate them into our tours. Some we were able to quickly reject for various reasons but one caught our buyers … (14 comments)

nick vandekar: Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate - May apartment sales - 06/05/17 07:14 AM
Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate - Apartments and Condo Sales
Tredyffrin saw a lot of activity over the month of May with Easttown recording one sale in Devon Green of a 2 bed 2 bath apartment for $248,000.
This is normal as Tredyffrin Township carries many more apartments and condos than Easttown.
There are 12 apartments listed for sale priced between $150,000 to 250,000 with an average of these listings being on the market for 15 days. Of these listings 5 are under contract leaving 7 for sale.
There are 17 listings pending settlement all in Tredyffrin Township with prices ranging from $139,900 to $575,000, the … (6 comments)

nick vandekar: Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate Video - Why can't I see this property? - 06/03/17 06:33 AM
Why can't I see this house?
I get calls all the time to see certain properties from potential clients who do not understand how many thrid party sites work in relation to properties being available for sale in the MLS. You may find a property for sale on any of the big search sites but it is not available for showing for several reasons.
It may be under contract, it may not be allowing showings for a limited time, showings may not have begun, or it is not in the MLS as yet. All MLS systems have rules about what can be shown … (13 comments)

nick vandekar: Tredyffrin Easttown May 2017 Single Family Homes $400,000 - 500,000 - 06/02/17 05:33 AM
Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate May 2017 Housing Information Single Family Homes $400,000-500,000
There were four single family home sales in Tredyffrin Easttown School District in May 2017, two in Tredyffrin and two in Easttown. On average homes sold for 95.5% of their original listed price and took 53 days to sell. The days on market were inflated by the highest priced home to sell which was originally priced at $575,000 and ended up selling for $471,000 in 165 days. The lowest price home to sell took 6 days and sold for full price and the median home sold in 19 days selling … (6 comments)

nick vandekar: Old Forge Crossing - Devon Condos - May 2017 - 06/01/17 02:07 PM
Old Forge Crossing, Devon, PA 19333 1 and 2 bedroom condos, some with dens, some 2 bedroom condos are town homes.
May has been an active month for Old Forge Crossing Real Estate. 
There are currently three homes for sale of which one is under contract leaving a 1 bedroom and a 2 bedroom condo for sale, the 2 bedroom which came on at an eye popping price has just been reduced in price by $10,000 but they may have pushed buyers away by rejecting multiple offers.
There are 7 pending sales and 5 homes settled, selling for about 96% of the original list … (4 comments)

nick vandekar: Community Service - 06/01/17 04:59 AM
As a Realtor people often think all we do is sell houses. But most Realtors I know are involved in giving back to their communities. Whilst I give a lot of my time to Surrey Services for Seniors as an office we do muiltiple things from supporting the American Heart Association, Boys and Girls Network and collecting toys for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program. Our broker encourages us to get involved in our community with a Community Service Day designated. Every year as an office we work at the Devon Horse Show which is right next to our office and … (16 comments)

nick vandekar: Devon Horse Show brings some BIG visitors to town - 05/26/17 07:00 AM
The Devon Horse Show is in town and has brought some BIG visitors to town.
Seen on the streets around the horse show were these BIG guys:
 A friend who lives near the horse show grounds caught them walking up the street between 8 and 9 am, out for a little exercise but the video will not post at the moment. Every two years the Budweiser Clydesdales participate in the show and you can stop by the tent where they are stabled. I did that a couple of years ago and was amazed at just how big these horses are. I know they … (8 comments)

nick vandekar: Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate this week - 05/23/17 02:42 PM
Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate this past week.
New Listings
There were 31 new listings for sale ranging in price from $182,000 for a 2 bed 2 bath apartment in Chesterbrook to a 6 bed 5 bath single family home for $2.6 million, both homes in Tredyffrin Township. 6 of these new listings are under contract. 24 of these new listings were in Tredyffrin Township and 7 were in Easttown, these consisted of 3 apartments for sale, 1 twin and 6 town homes and finally 21 single family homes.
Pending Sales
7 homes went pending this last week, 6 in Tredyffrin and 1 in Easttown, price … (10 comments)

nick vandekar: Living life at full throttle - 05/22/17 09:07 AM
Sometimes you just have to put the throttle open and enjoy life.
Loved this quote we saw Saturday on our quick trip.
 Not sure if you will be able to tell where we were, but there are lots of clues in these photos...
We had an early brunch, well snack 
then we walked around this market and saw some American Raspberries and blackberries, same as we have at home in our local stores Driscolls, they get everywhere
but that was not the only food offered on the market we were close to the sea so expected to see this
We did a lot of walking, but if … (7 comments)

nick vandekar: 'Tis The Season For Poison Ivy To Start - 05/18/17 08:06 AM
Tredyffrin Easttown homeowners it is now that you want to take action suggests Nick Vandekar Tredyffrin Easttown Realtor with Long & Foster Real Estate Inc.
Look around your yard and see if you need to remove or spray to get rid of Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac. All can give an allergic reaction and that reaction can be very uncomfortable. We have had sons who needed to be on steroids as a result of run ins with poison ivy. NO FUN!
We have had clients avoid certain homes because the wooded sections were filled with poison oak. It is one of those things … (7 comments)

nick vandekar: Sunday is a great day to walk - 05/14/17 06:57 PM
Sunday is a great day for a walk
Yesterday, Saturday, it rained all day. Today the weather started off cool but dry, so I decided to go to my favorite place and go for a walk. Those living in Tredyffrin Easttown have Valley Forge National Park just a few minutes away. There is a wonderful circuit you can walk, goes up and down and it is about 5.5 to 6 miles long. I walk pretty briskly so it took me about 1 1/2 hours. There were lots of people out walking and running today. One Mom and her daughter were running I … (15 comments)

nick vandekar: We love each other! Before and After - 05/12/17 07:06 AM
Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate is more than just about homes for you, you also need to realize your pets also need to be happy and relaxed. Trudy snapped the orginal photo of these two guys yesterday and sent it to me. 
Lovely as it is, showing a pair of very relaxed cats I realized it needed a little help to use it in a blog post. It is rare to get these two like this, Max, the one at the back is the alpha cat, and he is not as cuddly with Sam, who is in the front, wants him to be. So … (26 comments)

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