nick vandekar: Tredyffrin Easttown Homes $500-600,000 - 03/23/18 09:32 AM

Tredyffrin Easttown Homes For Sale $500-600,000 this is really one of the sweet spots in the market right now. Lots of buyers and a decent amount of choice, including new construction town homes.
The new construction town homes are in various locations in the Tredyffrin Easttown school district in Berwyn, Chesterbrook, recently named the #2 place to live in the country behind Carmel, and Paoli.
Watch our video about new construction homes in Berwyn:
As of today, 17 homes are shown as being for sale, 11 town homes not every town home is new construction,  and 6 single family homes. Of these 17 homes, … (1 comments)

nick vandekar: It is Spring! - 03/22/18 07:42 AM
With all the storms I was looking through some photos yesterday and it reminded me that it is Spring, and in a few weeks it will look beautiful and we will have forgotten all the snow.
Usually our azaleas flower just before Mother's Day.

And of course this time of year is when the tulip fields are flowering
Wish this was my garden, but I fear the deer would have a banquet with that choice.

nick vandekar: It is how you see it! - 03/22/18 07:20 AM
Snow storms can be viewed as a frustration, days lost, work not accomplished, time lost.
Alternatively, you can view them as an enforced time of reflection, time to take a deep breath, meditate, consider goals and strategies, relax and actually enter back into life refreshed and energized.
You can also use it as a time to get some work done that often gets held up because of the every day busyness of life. Decluttering your home office, or your closet, calling prospects, etc.
I did a combination of getting some work done and enjoying the time to read some books I have been meaning … (11 comments)

nick vandekar: What Do Lenders Want to See in Bank Statements? - 03/21/18 08:02 AM
One of the biggest complaints I get from buyers is about their mortgage process. I try to paint the most dire picture so that it won't seem so bad when they go through it. But, what is actually the problem is not understanding the process and/or how it has changed over time. This post by John Meussner is a great explanation of one step of the mortgage process and why it is required.
Well worth a read if you are going to be applying for a mortgage soon so you are better prepared for the process and hopefully it will go more smoothly.
Once you … (4 comments)

nick vandekar: It is not just about selling homes - 03/17/18 01:41 PM
Most of the time our job is to sell homes, either representing the buyer or the seller. We guide the buyer client through the transaction, we might suggest some local lenders who know the market, so they are approved and in a stronger position when it comes time to make an offer. We sit down and discuss the areas they want to look. We ask them what they are looking for and how they are going to live, are they indoors or outdoors people, with kids without kids, what about pets? All this we use to guide them to the right home. … (14 comments)

nick vandekar: Chesterbrook ranks as #2 best place in the nation to live - 03/16/18 02:44 PM
Best places to live
Niche just ranked Chesterbrook as the #2 best place to live in the nation, with Carmel at #1. On top of which several other local Tredyffrin Easttown towns were also ranked in the top 100. This is a wonderful place to live for many reasons.
Made me realize I need to re-shoot this video we did a few years ago, time flys, as Chesterbrook has changed. And we also need to feature all our local towns and villages and show you why living here is so wonderful.
Enjoy this video of Chesterbrook and keep your eyes peeled for a … (10 comments)

nick vandekar: Is your septic system flowing or is it blocked up? - 03/15/18 02:39 PM
A few years ago we shot this video with TJ from Delaware Valley Septic about three reasons why you should inspect your septic system before you list your Main Line home for sale.
Many Main Line homes are on public water and sewer, but in some places like Penn Valley and Chester County have septic systems. A functioning septic system is a requirement for a mortgage. So before you list you want to know as much as possible so as not to run into problems with a sale.
Price quote in the video may be outdated but the points made are not. 
Whether your home … (13 comments)

nick vandekar: Do You Really REALLY Love that Home?? - 03/14/18 10:44 AM
Our Tredyffrin Easttown real estate market is very hot right now at all price points. To be successful you need to not only make a winning bid but be pro- active where mortgages are concerned as well. Why not get not just pre-approved but get a full commitment barring the title and appraisal. What does it take simply making a full application and providing all the paperwork required by the mortgage provider. Then when you submit an offer we can make sure the listing agent realizes you are like a cash buyer. But it does require you to provide the lender with … (3 comments)

nick vandekar: What is your Treyburn home worth? - 03/13/18 11:17 AM
Treyburn in Tredyffrin Township, Tredyffrin Easttown School District is a collection of 73 homes on 78 acres with a Wayne address. 23 of those acres are open space. Treyburn was the site of the first nursery in Pennsylvania and they specialized in specimen and specialty trees many of which still remain today. These homes range from 4,000 - 5,000 square feet roughly.
Children attending public schools in Tredyffrin Easttown living in Treyburn go to New Eagle Elementary, Valley Forge Middle School and Conestoga High School.
Homes for sale
There are no homes actively for sale right now. One home is temporarily off the market priced … (3 comments)

nick vandekar: How a real estate sign saved the day! - 03/13/18 07:39 AM
Do real estate signs work ? You be the judge.
I was chatting with my friend Paul the Tredyffrin Easttown bee keeper yesterday and he told me this humorous story how a real estate sign saved the day.
Last year he had a swarm of bees that were in a holly bush out in the open. Not the best thing. And they did not want to move. Paul had tried everything he knew to encourage them to move into a hive or swarm box.
On the point of giving up, he saw lying around a real estate sign, "New Price" and as a joke he … (31 comments)

nick vandekar: Today is the last day! Don't miss it! - 03/11/18 10:16 AM
We talk about how hot the real estate market is, but there are other limited time events as well.
Like The Chester County Historical Society Antiques Show being held at Church Farm School on Lancaster Ave in Exton and open today till 5.00 pm.
Don't miss it! I went early yesterday, lots of great things and some very affordable furniture along with paintings, decorative arts and plenty to attract your eye.
It was busy with a line to get in.
And if you want to find a historical home in the area we can help you. Contact Nick Vandekar, Selling The Main Line with … (8 comments)

nick vandekar: Museum passes available at Tredyffrin Easttown libraries - 03/10/18 06:00 AM

One little known benefit of our local libraries in Tredyffrin Easttown is the Museum Pass program. This has been expanded for 2018 to include Eastern State Penitentiary, Independence Seaport Museum, Wings of Freedom, Magic Gardens and the Museum of the American Revolution. 
Passes are available at Tredyffrin Libary on Upper Gulph Road in Strafford and also at Easttown Library (19 local attractions covered) on First Avenue in Berwyn, check with each library for the attractions covered by their passes. Paoli library may also have passes as they are part of the Tredyffrin Library network.
Other benefits you may not know about from the libraries are mobile … (11 comments)

nick vandekar: Talking with Sheila Anderson - 03/09/18 01:02 PM
If you don't know Sheila Anderson from the Berkshires in MA you should. She writes pithy daily posts about her life. These are generally supported by photos. Over the years I feel I have gotten to know Sheila through her posts. I know she likes to travel, she works at and attends Tanglewood and she has an interest in antiques with space in a local group shop. She also is a regular commenter as well on posts all over Active Rain.
Today, after reading her post I gave her a call and we chatted for a long time. I called because Sheila commented that … (13 comments)

nick vandekar: Max and Sam are waiting patiently for Daylight Savings - 03/09/18 09:20 AM

Max and Sam are waiting patiently for the clocks to spring forward this weekend. They know that it will mean more fun and games outside and warmer weather.
Just hope they let us sleep in a little longer.
Don't forget to move your clocks on one hour and while you are at it check or replace your smoke detector and CO alarm batteries.

nick vandekar: Valley Forge in Winter - 03/08/18 01:57 PM
At the birth of the nation after a battle at Brandywine where the British relentlessly pushed forward towards Philadelphia the defeated American Colonial Army retreated to Valley Forge to protect the crossings and regroup. It is a famous point in American History. Did the British realize how weak the Americans were and how easily they could have crushed them by bringing them to another fight? 
The lure of Philadelphia was too great, and while the Americans sheltered and reformed from a rag tag militia into an army. The British entered Philadelphia.
Eventually that newly formed army took on the might of an Empire … (21 comments)

nick vandekar: Chester County Antiques Show - 03/08/18 10:12 AM
This is the weekend for the Chester County Historical Society Annual Antiques Show
This year the show is being held at the Church Farm School at 1001 E Lincoln Hwy, Exton, PA 19341 on Route 30 just off Route 202 South and the Route 30 bypass. It opens Friday evening and is on through the weekend, hoping the weather holds for them over this weekend. This is the 36th year of the show supporting the Chester County Historical Society and is seen as the major fundraiser. The society is one of  Pennsylvania's most respected history museums and educational centers.
Attending the show are dealers from … (3 comments)

nick vandekar: Are you responsible for that tree? - 03/07/18 06:30 AM
With the recent storms and another one coming through today many Main Line and Tredyffrin Easttown homeowners are asking who is responsible for those trees? Especially when they fall.
In our video below we answer that question and give some good advice about trees close to homes. Let us know how you have handled these situations? Following big storms there are often lots of adverts locally for free wood. Having a wood stove which helps us through these storms especially when we lose power we love to help out and collect what wood we can.
Remember, we can help you find a wooded … (7 comments)

nick vandekar: March 2018 Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate Market Report - 03/06/18 03:25 PM
March 2018 Tredyffrin Easttown Real Estate Market Report
Homes for Sale
There are currently 170 homes for sale in Tredyffrin Easttown. These homes include apartments, twins, condos and single family homes. 24 of these homes are under contract.
They range in price from $149,900 for a 1 bed 1 bath apartment to $6.5 million for a mansion with 7 beds 8 full baths and 2 powder rooms. 24 of these homes are unbder contract but not yet Pending. There are 6 homespriced in excess of $2 million; 13 homes priced $1.5 - 2 million and 20 homes priced $1 million - 1.5 million of … (5 comments)

nick vandekar: Power is back, sigh! - 03/05/18 12:06 PM
Trudy just called me at the office to say our power is back. Eureka!
We saw a tree firm going through our neighborhood and several township trucks earlier and heard the growling of big trucks as well over the hill. Then a little later, light and power, so now we can have hot water again.
Thank you PECO, one and a half days earlier than you estimated, really appreciate the effort you have put in getting these smaller outages cleared up.
Thank goodness. Normal operations are now being resumed!
Will be grilling this evening to cook what was defrosting slowly in our freezer. Anyone … (20 comments)

nick vandekar: Duh! - 03/05/18 07:03 AM
How stupid I feel. This is a statement, not a question.
I am in day 4 of being without power and still after pushing up the garage door, backing out I sit in the car pressing the garage door opener to close the door. Thinking to myself, another battery I need to replace. Duh!
Then I am going down to the garage or into a dark bedroom and flip the switch. Duh! There is no power, don't you know that yet?
It is amazing how we are programmed to do certain things without really thinking about them. We take them for granted or even … (11 comments)

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