nick vandekar: Are the new mortgage rules good or bad for you the customer? - 01/13/14 04:36 AM
Prosperity Home Mortgage held a seminar last week and I got an opportunity to interview one of the local managers Bob Frazer about what the new qualified mortgage (QM) and qualified residential mortgage (QRM) will mean for our customers.
Most thoughts are that the rules are not that bad and won't adversely affect consumers only affecting about 10% of loans; a big change is the cap on fees of 3% for the mortgage conmpany and any affiliated companies, so if you use mortgage, title and insurance  and those companies are all affiliated companies the most you can be charged is 3%, … (0 comments)

nick vandekar: Long & Foster launches new mortgage company - 01/13/14 04:17 AM
With the start of 2014 Long & Foster launchged a new mortgage company. Having been linked with Wells Fargo for many years Long & Foster now has its own subsidiary lender. We interviewed Mike Dunn area manager of the new company Prosperity Home Mortgage about the company.

So, if you need help getting pre-approved for a mortgage, Jeremy Durkin or Eric may of Prosperity Home Mortgage bnoth based in our Devon office can get you set up at no cost. Also under the new mortgage rules and regualtions relating to qualified residential mortgages the cap of 3% fees includes any … (0 comments)

nick vandekar: Great value with price reduction in Bryn Mawr - 01/08/14 12:14 AM

Very sunny house in great location in heart of Bryn Mawr. Walk score of 97/100 makes this a walkers paradise, you could walk to work, 25 yards from playground. Walking distance to two train lines, Septa R5 and Light Rail line. Price reduced to $299,000 makes this home great value in the heart of Bryn Mawr.

Rehabbed in 2008 when house was gutted, with new plumbing, electrical box, heating and air conditioning installed. This twin has off street parking, is very spacious with lots of storage. Ready to move in. Some new carpets, other carpets cleaned and all rooms … (2 comments)

nick vandekar: New Listing in Old Forge Crossing - 01/07/14 11:45 PM
Located in a preferred location in Old Forge Crossing this single bedroom Main Line end unit condo overlooks the community reflecting pond, with views of trees and water.

One of the largest condos in the Old Forge Crossing development it has recently been updated with newer heater, a/c and newer energy efficient windows all saving you money on utilities.

It also has hardwood floors and newer kitchen cabinets, updated bathroom and a large bedroom with two walk in closets. There is plenty of storage throughout this unit, with a nice open floor plan.

Gas … (1 comments)

nick vandekar: Thought about Frozen pipes recently? - 01/07/14 02:52 AM
Being the coldest day for several generations in our area got me thinking about Frozen Pipes and talking with Nick Kiniry of Long & Foster Insurance. The conversation morphed a little into discussing investment properties as well and the needs of insurance in light of frozen pipes. let me know what you think.

If you need insurance help, feel free to contact Nick Kiniry at 856-208-4347 or Need help buying an investment property along the Main Line call Nick on his cell at 610-203-4543, office 610-225-7400 or

nick vandekar: What are those black streaks on your roof? - 12/22/13 01:04 AM
Frustrated with those black streaks on your roof. I had a conversation about this with Mike Hansen, our local roofing contractor at Dunbar Roofing and Siding in Berwyn, PA and he sent me this aticle they had written some time back. Hope it helps.
The black streaks we see on roofs are caused by an ancient bacteria named "Gloeocapsa (pronounced Glow-e-o-cap-sa) Magma." More commonly known as "Blue Green Algae" many roofers mistakenly refer to this tiny-little life form as just plain old "algae."
This one-celled, one-chromosome bacteria has abilities to:
1) Turn black to protect itself … (0 comments)

nick vandekar: What does 2014 hold for the Philadelphia Main Line Real Estate Market? - 12/12/13 10:06 PM
This last week Trudy and I were down at Triple Play in Atlantic City, this is an annual real estate convention organized by the Real Estate Associations of PA, NY and NJ and is one of the largest regional events in the country. 
I took the opportunity to sit down with Bob Albanese, Regional Director of Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc to ask him what he thought the market is going to do in 2014 along Philadelphia's Main Line and what issues he thinks are going to be relevant. 

Let me know what you think the market holds, … (0 comments)

nick vandekar: Why you need a little patience if you are buying a home. - 12/05/13 04:59 AM
When I was young, I could get a little excited, and was often told I needed to be patient. Fishing was not a sport for me, sitting on a river bank watching a line, no way. Soccer, rugby and squash all fast moving sports was what I liked. Journeys, birthdays, holidays, all were reasons for patience I was told. But, I am finding that I am telling my clients who are trying to buy homes today that they need to be a little patient.

Depending where and at what price you are looking to buy there may very well be a … (2 comments)

nick vandekar: Why your bank really wants you to order title insurance - 12/04/13 04:45 AM
We often get asked why a buyer has to order title insurance. This interview by Nick Vandekar of Long & Foster Real Estate Devon, PA with Amy Sniras of Sage Premier Settlements covers this subject and the three endorsements you see on the HUD settlement sheet.

You have a choice about ordering an owners policy, but if you have a mortgage, you will be required to order title insurance to protect the lenders position. If you have any other questions about buying a home on or around the Main Line contact us, we will be happy to help.

nick vandekar: Will QM affect your home purchase? - 12/03/13 05:25 AM
There is a lot of discussion about Qualified Mortgage and Ability to Repay, but will they affect your home purchase in 2014. This interview with Jeremy Durkin of Prosperity Mortgage covers the main points. The main thing this is only going to affect about 5% of loans. Most mortgages today are already following many of the requirements but in a slightly looser form.

If you have any questions about buying a home or obtaining a mortgage along the Main Line contact us.

nick vandekar: Buying a distressed property is the right thing for you? - 11/01/13 05:22 AM
We get asked often by first time buyers about buying a distressed property along the Main Line as they think this will provide an affordable opportunity to buy a home in a prime location. As we often say much of real estate can be easy, buying a distressed property is not easy. So to answer some questions we made this video.

If you want help buying along or around the Main Line call Nick at 610-203-4543 or email

nick vandekar: 3 Tips to avoid toil and trouble with your mortgage - 10/31/13 04:50 AM
It seems the mortgage industry goes out of their way to make ypour life miserable when you apply for a mortgage. We had a short chat with Eric May of Prosperity Mortgage on how to avoid toil and trouble when you've applied for your mortgage.


nick vandekar: Long & Foster gives luxury home owners extra way to market thier homes - 10/25/13 10:03 AM
Nick Vandekar of Long & Foster Real Estate, Selling the Main Line, offers luxury home owners along the Main Line outside of Philadelphia an extra way to market their homes utilising Christie's International Real Estate extending their marketing to high net worth individuals.


nick vandekar: Why Berwyn, PA? - 10/25/13 09:52 AM
I interviewed Dr Andy Fetterman this week about why he opened his chiropractic office in Berwyn on the Philadelphia Main Line.

nick vandekar: 3 reasons a home buyer should buy an owners title insurance policy - 10/21/13 05:33 AM
There are many parts to purchasing a home, and to be honest for many it is confusing and you may wonder why you need title insurance, in fact what is it? A bank will insist that you take a [policy to protect their interest in the home, but should you buy an owners' policy?
Well I interviewed Amy Sniras of Sage Premier Settlements and asked her and she gave me three reasons.


nick vandekar: Mario's Pizza Berwyn - 10/17/13 07:23 AM
Why David Smith bought Mario's Pizza in Berwyn, PA.


nick vandekar: Buying a home. Your biggest purchase, but is it? - 10/16/13 06:34 AM
Buying a home along the Main Line and throughout the country, or selling a home is often referred to as being one of the largest personal transactions most individuals will handle. I was a reading an article this week and it challenged this assumption on the grounds that when you buy a home there are actually TWO transactions and the home is often not the largest.
Well, I got to thinking about this and before long decided the writer was wrong in their choice of words, in that when you buy a home there are many more than two purchases. I … (1 comments)

nick vandekar: No, but I know a man or woman who can! - 10/16/13 06:09 AM
A few years ago, I remember an advertising campaign which went along the lines of a consumer asking someone if they can install floors, or carpet, fix a leak or their car etc. The answer was always the same, "No, but I know a man who can."
Last week some clients settled on a home along the Main Line in Bryn Mawr, and at settlement I reminded them if they needed any contractors, give me a call as I have a list of local contractors who cover most clients needs, be it electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, flooring, windows, landscapers or contractors etc.

nick vandekar: Prosperity Mortgage launches short term mortgage rate reduction offer - 10/15/13 12:26 AM
Quick video interview with the two mortgage officers, Jeremy Durkin and Eric May, we have in our Long & Foster Real Estate office in Devon, PA on the Main Line outside Philadelphia about a guarantee offered by Prosperity Mortgage our in house lender, plus a short term mortgage rate reduction offer for those who are close to going under contract.


nick vandekar: Old Forge Crossing tightens up investor ownership ratios - 09/12/13 02:39 AM
Over the years Old Forge Crossing has been relatively lenient towards investors, allowing owners who got transferred through work to rent their units easily. With the donwturn in the husing market and the need for condo complexes to be FHA approved, the levels of investor ownership has become a issue not just at Old Forge Crossing but at several local townhome and condo developments.
At the moment the ownership by investors in Old Forge Crossing is 38% and has never exceeded 40% however a recent change in the by laws will prevent the ratio of homeowners to investors going above 50%. So whilst … (1 comments)

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