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Meet other local Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Investors and Appraisers who want to learn about the broker price opinion (BPO) and real estate owned (REO) business. This group is intented to introduce real estate professionals to the business and help each other grow in knowledge and expertise by ...
Hi everyone! I know some of you may call me crazy, but I have done this exact thing, I've turned down 3 opportunities to list a REO's. Recently, I decided to finally give one a try so I wanted to let you know how it happened and why I accepted the very first REO that I actually wanted to do.  Som...
If you would like to go right to the original source of the person who created one of the first lists of direct links to BPO and REO companies (My list was first offered and created in Jan. 2007) then I'd like to personally invite you to check out my FREE list of over 120 BPO, REO and Asset Manag...
  Free Webinar About Using the Automation Software   Join us for a Webinar on December 19     Space is limited.Reserve your Webinar seat now at:   Did you miss the first webinar that was put on last week? Don't worry you still can take advantage of ...
I know what you may be thinking as you read the title that I chose for this blog, but to this day I still get shocked when I talk to other BPO and REO agents who tell me that they only work for a very small handful of companies. One person I spoke with recently swore by only working for one compa...
  I am putting on a Free Webinar About Using the Automation Software. Learn how to use automation software to do the data entry side of all of your BPO and REO orders. Come join us!   Join me for a Webinar on December 8     Space is limited.Reserve your Webinar seat now at:https://www2.gotomeeti...
 I have been asked this controversial question many times in the last few years by my past customers. When asked this I somehow have absolutely no problem answering them without having any reservation. I might surprise some of you here by being point blank and straight to the point. Plus, you sho...
In the not too distant past, I too have been guilty of using multiple assistants to help me with my BPO orders. My BPO team consisted of this: two people to help me do the data entry side of the BPO orders, with one of my teammates helping by taking photos in a nearby county which was about 30 mi...
When I stop to think about all of the orders I have done over the last few years (the numbers being in over 1,000) many times come to mind about being asked to do some pretty crazy things. The one that sticks in my mind the most is this one......... When I was asked by LSI/Fidelity to do a BPO or...
Then, you've come to right place! I have been asked by one of my BPO Training Students recently, "Which BPO and REO companies pay the fastest?" Here is the list I gave him specially for BPO companies that pay consistently within 7 days: 1. Advanced Collateral Solutions (ACS, through Rels) 2. Rels...

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