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Here is how the story about Jim Carrey goes and even though it is hard for me to imagine this, I remember hearing that when Jim was just 14 years old, he had his first stand-up performance at a comedy club called 'Yuk-Yuks' in Toronto, Canada and subsequently got booed off of the stage. For many ...
I have been seeing a trend as I continue to get exposed to various industry websites, webinars and even trade magazines that mention numerous BPO/REO agent's names. They are really starting to stand out to me, thus it is starting to sink in that there are quite a few major players in the BPO/REO ...
I myself have 'been there done that' so I feel that I am qualified and somewhat allowed to voice my opinion when it comes to this situation. I did my first BPO order for Clear Capital in September of 2006. After taking a half a day to complete that first order, I didn't know if I wanted to do any...
Green is the color of spring - and this year, it's the color of savings on our products at the  BPO Automation Group's Spring 2011 sale. We're kicking things off with savings of 10% to 15% on products like the BPO Automation Suite Pro and AutoAccepter 2, as well as standard add-ons like our Pers...
Just like anything that is worthwhile in life, you are going to have to work 'smarter, not harder' to achieve great results. Imagine if you didn't have to work at something and it came easily, well then you are likely to not see the real value or appreciate it as much because it came to you witho...
    Newsflash: 'Double Your BPO Income' Video Course Is Now Available! We are excited to share with you that we just released a highly anticipated new video course titled, 'Double Your BPO Income in 2011.' It sells for $149.00 Option One: This course is offered in a series of videos that showcas...
Written by Steve Lorimer, Sales Manager for the BPO Automation Group and Senior Elite Instructor for BPO University.   "BPO Automation Group returned the last week of January, 2011 from the REOCON Summit in Fort Worth, Texas.  Most of the agenda items at the Summit focused on the REO and Short-Sa...
 Having trouble viewing this email? Click here to read this newsletter online     BPO University Launches our Virtual Coaching Program! On behalf of myself and all of our Elite Instructors, we'd like to invite you to come sign up for a free, no-obligation 30-day trial of our 'BPO Inner Circle' c...
This free comprehensive 1 hour webinar based training session is the ultimate road map of how to 'Double Your BPO Income and Increase REO Listings in 2011.'In the last few years we have seen countless numbers of BPO/REO agents all over the United States double and triple their monthly BPO income ...
Broker Price Opinions have been around for over 20+ years. Even after all this time, there isn't one adopted set of standards or guidelines in the valuation industry which classifies exact requirements from those offering BPO's. Unlike the appraisal business, that uses the Uniform Standards of Pr...

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