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This free comprehensive 1 hour webinar based training session is the ultimate road map of how to 'Double Your BPO Income and Increase REO Listings in 2011.'In the last few years we have seen countless numbers of BPO/REO agents all over the United States double and triple their monthly BPO income ...
Broker Price Opinions have been around for over 20+ years. Even after all this time, there isn't one adopted set of standards or guidelines in the valuation industry which classifies exact requirements from those offering BPO's. Unlike the appraisal business, that uses the Uniform Standards of Pr...
I for one, think that Activerain is one of the top blogging sites online today to be reckoned with! Not only has it helped me get my message out to the masses, but it has also provided me with an opportunity to hone my blogging and marketing skills. (All Rights Reserved by You see...
Double Your BPO Income and Increase Your REO Listings in 2011! Break Free from the Pack By Attending This Training 1-Hour Course Provided by an Accredited Real Estate School that Specializing in BPO Training and Education, BPO University. This exciting 1 hour free webinar course provides a previ...
Hi Everybody! Happy New Year! In the next couple of weeks we'll be releasing a beta-edition of Order Central, the successor to the AutoAccepter2 . In 2010, the AutoAccepter2 captured over $6.2 million in broadcast BPO orders for our clients, and our goal with Order Central is to exceed this perf...
Ok, you won't have to twist my arm at all for me to tell you that I work within a small family owned real estate company here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest part of Washington state. I love working for my Dad...he is my broker and my Mom is also in the business with us. Now, we all are not tr...
    So you are looking to grow your BPO and REO business by hiring outside help. Congratulations! Here are our Top 3 Recommendations on how to take your business to the next level......     Look at incorporating a proven system that will help your BPO and REO business 'grow right and grow smart....
    BPO Automation Group's 'Fannie Mae Add-On' Product Top Questions: 1. Is this an alternative to MultiForm? The Fannie Mae SFR BPO Add-On is a new module that completely replicates the popular MultiformsTM software format - and takes it a step further by automatically filling in MLS data and u...
Happy holidays, and thank you - to our clients, for your continued support, and to everyone who's inquired about our form-completion and order-acceptance products over the course of the last year. This holiday season, we'd like to share a special holiday discount of 10% for everyone who's inquir...
Let me just mention that I had no clue that our software would produce such amazing results for our AutoAccepter2 clients. Looking back on 2010, I'd have to say that as a company we didn't have any pre-set goals in place for how many BPO orders our software would capture. The results are mind bl...

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