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Feeling trapped doing BPO's to get REO Properties listings, and then having to do even more BPO's on those REO Properties at the end of each month? The BPO Automation Group can help, with Autofill products that deliver 200+ web-forms and our alternative to the Fannie Mae SFR MultiForm - an indust...
The Appraisal Management Companies list is expected to be a highly-used, valuable resource, given recent HVCC regulations which pundits claim will force appraisers to complete appraisals through Appraisal Management Companies rather than working directly with banks. The goal of the Appraisal Mana...
The BPO Automation Group today launched the revamped BPO Companies List website, which has been reconstructed using data obtained during research on the BPO National Database Project. The site, which contains a detailed list of BPO Companies, is intended for use by agents to assist in the registr...
The BPO Automation group has launched a series of new domains that showcase various aspects of the BPO National Database to assist BPO & REO agents in registering for a variety of top national BPO & REO asset management companies. Google search results have formerly been dominated by pay-per-view...
This has been and is still a very popular topic of interest for those involved in the BPO and REO arena. Because of this I decided to write more about my own personal experience on this, plus I plan on providing you with proof that 'Phantom' BPO orders still exist! When I first got into the BPO b...
REO agents know that the ability to track & manage their BPO assignments is crucial to their success, so the BPO Automation Group has partnered with industry-leader BPO Genius to provide the leading order-management solution at a discount price. Available as an add-on for the BPO Automation Suite...
The BPO Automation Group offers the only alternative to MultiForm for completing Fannie Mae SFR BPO's. Our solution includes photo-management, autofills MLS data, and even saves your default form values! Visit for details. REO agents have long struggled with the archaic, ex...
Click here to visit BPO Automation Online! The BPO Automation Suite Pro is a new BPO form-automation product that features a library of over 200 web-forms plus add-on replacements for the Fannie Mae SFR MultiForm BPO and integrated order-management at a new lower price. The BPO Automation Suite ...
Whether it be life, love or business....I have found that everything happens in cycles. For anyone to excel at the later the first place to start is to take the time to: * Do Your Research * Educate Yourself * Take a Hard Look at Your Own Personal Track Record * Admit What Doesn't Work * Then Mov...
Let's Celebrate! On June 1, 2010 our 'Broker Price Opinion 101' course got approved by the Real Estate Education Board for 9 clock hours for continuing education credit here in Washington state. WOW!!!! What a BIG deal! Our inaugural class is going to be held October 4th and 5th, 2010 From 9 a.m....

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