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The AutoAccepter 2.0 software application from BPO Automation has just passed the $4.5 million dollar mark in captured orders for 2010 - putting it far ahead of anticipated schedule and prompting BPO Automation to undertake the development of new order-capture tracking technologies for agents cur...
The BPO Automation Group has released the BPO Automation Suite Pro as a free software download to demonstrate the powerful form-completion features of this innovative desktop software application. This long-awaited download of the company's flagship software product is intended to help BPO & REO ...
We are very happy to announce that our 'Personalized Defaults' Add On is now available for the BPO Automation Suite Pro and allows you to automate up to 95% of many forms by adding an additional 30-fields of subject, comp, neighborhood, and other reusable "cookie cutter" data! The Personalized De...
Via Nicole Ocean of BPO University The BPO University, an accredited real estate school that focuses on BPO education and training has unveiled a comprehensive new list of BPO companies with detailed company information designed to lower the bar on agent registration with top national BPO compani...
We all get caught up in one way or another each day and forget to look at the big picture. I am guilty of it and I am sure you are too! It's human nature to get distracted from time to time and I believe is just part of the process. For many people in business, the truly important things that mat...
I have found that being in the BPO and REO business is much like playing a competitive sport when you were a youngster. Whether your favorite sport is football, basketball, baseball, soccer or any other sport, one of the first things you were taught was offensive skills, which of course was soon ...
People truly notice if it appears like you enjoy your job or not and for many this translates into the level of quality of work that they produce. * Does it really matter if you portray to other people that you don't really like what you do? * Do you think that people really care if you do your j...
Not every BPO or REO company out there is worth taking the time to sign up with to become a BPO or REO agent for them. It always baffles me when I read people's blog postings or talk to people over the phone and they mention that they have signed up with between 50-100 different BPO and REO compa...
Many people encounter having to 'do their research' when wanting to give away their hard earned money to a company or business. Do you? I hope so! After going through a very painful process where we had a competitor infringe on our copyright material we tried to find out basic information about t...
Phenomenal results from an amazing product, we couldn't be happier for the clients that are doing so well with the AutoAccepter 2 software!The AutoAccepter 2.0 software application from BPO Automation has just passed the $3.75 million dollar mark in captured orders for 2010 - putting it far ahead...

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