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Mortgage and home buying info to help you realize your dream of home ownership in the San Juan Mountain Region of the Colorado Western Slope.
One of the most misunderstood aspects of buying a home is whether the the real estate agent REALLY represents you, the home buyer? Yes, you do have the right to ask an agent to solely represent you. In fact, some real estate brokers may require that they be your exclusive agent. Here are some FAQ...
At what stage does a borrower for a home loan receive an unconditional final loan approval.  All loans, even after final approval are subject to certain conditions being satisfied before the loan is cleared to close and fund, which normally does not happen until the time of closing.  The bigger c...
Have you ever received an interest rate quote or seen a published rate on the Internet only to find out later that you’re not offered the same rate when you go through the loan application process? That’s because there are many variables in determining rates for individual buyers and the rate you...
I recently read an article, written by another real estate agent, about why some real estate agents have a stellar reputation and why some cannot be trusted. And, this applies to how other real estate agents and the general public perceives them. I wanted to share with several of the possible rea...
What a borrower actually earns and what will be used to qualify him or her for a particular loan are not necessarily the same. This is because in addition to calculating how much, the borrower's income must be deemed to be predictable and stable. The W-2 Wage Earner. The easy case is the W-2 wage...
The start of the New Year is a new beginning for me in many ways, but particularly, since I recently launched a new career, from real estate broker to mortgage loan originator.  I thought I would share a few of the insights I’ve gained during the first two months in the mortgage business. 1.  The...
For those who may have noticed my new contact info and wondered, YES, I've made the switch.  I've gone from the sales side of real estate over to the lending side of it.  I have enjoyed immensely my real estate career.  However, when the opportunity presented itself to me to become a mortgage loa...
With the housing market on the rise and interest rates still low, there comes a noticeable change in lending practices and policies where seller concessions for repairs  and personal property inclusions are concerned.  A “seller concession” is something the seller agrees to give (concede) to a bu...
As we all read, the real estate market nationally is--finally--shifting, and in a positive way.  I was asked to participate in the ActiveRain challenge to post how I will respond to this shift.  So, here are my responses:  1.       How will this shift affect buyer agents vs seller agents? Seller ...
To many, “foreclosure” is synonymous with “great deal.”  That may be true in many cases, but great deals and investments often come with higher risk.  That certainly applies to buying a foreclosure, also referred to as a bank-owned or foreclosed property or REO (real estate owned--by the bank). H...

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