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Some of my very first blog posts (2007) centered around my extreme criticism of Zillow, now more commonly referred to as Z. Sometimes I think agents are nervous about using their name when spelling out facts because they're afraid they're somehow violating the Ten Commandments or in fear of being...
I had just left a listing appointment when I saw the "sign" in front of the neighbors yard. Check out the rider promoting the ability to "see the home yourself." This rental property is indeed listed by a local Realtor. That part surprised me because the list of things that can go wrong are astou...
 I met some friends out for cocktails this evening and as industry luck would have it... the guy driving the car also had a "REALTOR" and company logo on the side of his vehicle along with a license plate that read.. "I am a Texas Realtor."I know. I get it. "He's working, be nice, be sensitive, b...
Every Halloween I cringe because I know exactly what will happen. When we go trick or treating this year we'll find ourselves in that teeth grinding situation where the homeowner (who is also a Realtor) hands out candy with their business card attached.  Handing out your business card with Hallow...
 This morning I spoke to an older woman (74) who is ready to sell her home so she can move to a nearby retirement community. There's just one problem. She's involved in a scam that will very likely prevent it.2 years ago she signed a contract on a 10 year lease...for an air-condition. A brand new...
Realtors who don't possess a license to practice law should never play attorney. In Texas our contracts have blank areas referred to as Special Provisions. It's here that the principles (buyer and seller) can write just about anything they want. Here's a good example: "Buyer will have appraisal p...
This week I met with four different home owners who had just terminated their relationship with their previous broker. In each of these situations I noticed one strange component with the terms of their previous listing agreement...the length of the contract. The length of the agreement between t...
Every once in a while I hear of "new ways to promote an open house." To be honest, most of them are stuipid ideas. Here are some real life examples I've seen and heard of: 1.  Door knock to all the neighbors letting them know of the upcoming Open House.Keep in mind the purpose of an open house is...
A few month's back I helped a pair of super duper clients buy the home of their dreams. They loved it. Every square inch. But that's not why I talked them into offering full-price when I knew it was stupidly overpriced. The home was listed for $500,000.0 but it "comped out" at $435,000.00. The ow...
When you're trying to sell your home the very last thing you should do is make upfront demands or offer any kind of negative insults to agents who will be showing your property.More often than not, home sellers don't even sign off on, or approve these "seller instructions." Many times these are r...

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