WOW!!! We are finishing another great month --- I am so excited and thankful - Hard work does pay off - A lot of new agents really do think that business will just come to you --- boy, do they have a lot to learn!  Business will come to you if you work!  I love what I do - so I guess that might b...
I started the week out yesterday with a plan of what I wanted to accomplish this week - About halfway through the day - got the call that my brother was going to have some emergencey surgery and so this morning - I am up early - all packed up and ready to go to be with my family!  What happens to...
Do you have a plan for your business?  I know if you "fail to plan, that you plan to fail"  --- There is just something about writing down your goals and keeping them in front of you --- I have heard the comment several times --- Out of sight - out of mind!  And yes, I do believe that is a true s...
I know that I read a post just this morning about giving out your card everywhere you go and to whoever you can and I totally agree - but my question is --- what do you do with all of the cards that you receive?  I hate to just pitch them -  so I have started to put them in a binder and hopefully...
Good Sunday morning Activerain!  I am so excited to see such a beautiful morning here in TN!   Fall is surely in the air!  I just finished a great week or so I think in my business!  I had 2 closings and wrote 2 offers - that to me is a great week!  I actually have 10 contracts on my desk that wi...
WOW!!!  It just blew my mind when I saw that I just zoomed past 80,000 points today --- It does not seem like long ago that I joined this wonderful group!  I love to read all the posts and really have to limit myself each day because I really get lost in time when I log into this site!  Thanks to...
  Good Monday Morning to all of us at Activerain -- Fall is surely in the air this morning in the beautiful state of TN --- I have decided to take the day off from the office and try to do a few little things around the home that I have been putting off --- and of course to spend a little time wi...

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