remax northern kentucky: Is It An Opportune Time To Buy A Home? - 04/16/12 09:54 PM
If you have the income, time on the job and your credit is solid, right now it's cheaper for you to buy than it is to rent. Right now is one of the best times in America to buy a home and it won't last forever. Why would I write that?
Follow The Money
• Smart investors know an opportunity when they see one. Investors snatched up 64.5 percent more homes in 2011 than in 2010. Investors account for nearly one in every four homes sold.
• The second home market is back with a vengeance. Both investors and individuals looking for vacation homes are coming back into the market. … (5 comments)

remax northern kentucky: How To Help Sell Your Home In Todays Real Estate Market. - 03/12/12 09:32 PM
Most sellers ask the question, "How can I help to sell my home in today's challenging real estate market?". At different times in history, homes have flown off the market quickly. In today's market, which is made up of REOs (bank owned properties) and short sales, how can homeowners best position their homes to compete?  
An important action step is to bring in an expert to help. Finding the best Realtor to guide you through the real estate transaction can be the difference between a real estate dream or nightmare.
Another important step is to make your home stand out. In a challenging market you … (7 comments)

remax northern kentucky: Are Short Sales Your Best Option When Looking For A Northern Kentucky Home? - 03/04/12 06:03 PM
Some of the most asked about properties in Northern Kentucky real estate are short sales. A short sale simply indicates an owner is selling their home in a real estate market that will not support what they owe. Many people have been led to believe that short sales are the best way to buy a property, yet that is not usually the case.
In a market where values have fallen as they have for the last 4 years, banks are less and less likely to take a offer significantly under the homes value. What many buyers do not realize is that the bank will appraise the property before … (3 comments)

remax northern kentucky: Tips To A Healthy Credit Score - 01/23/12 03:40 AM
Your credit score is not just a factor in determining whether you get a loan or a line of credit, it often determines how much you will pay for credit. Typically, the better your credit score, the lower your interest rate. Bottom line, having a healthy score can save you money. Credit scores are calculated from information in different categories. They are, payment history on bills, loans, amounts owed and credit balances. These account for about two thirds of the score. Length of credit history, new credit and types of credit used, comprise the rest. Credit scores range from 300 to 850. A score of 750 or … (6 comments)

remax northern kentucky: Steps To A Green And Energy Efficient Northern Kentucky Home. - 01/10/12 11:39 PM
           Housing Goes "Green"                                                                                 
Wherever you turn these days, it seems that someone is talking about "Green", or "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED") certified buildings, and "Zero Energy Homes." Each of these share a commitment to reduced energy consumption and the "re-use, repurposing and recycling of materials," "improved indoor air quality" and use of "environmentally friendly" and "renewable products." Green or LEED buildings generally generate 20 to 70 percent in energy savings, while a Zero Energy Home (ZEH) by definition must generate enough energy to meet or exceed its own heating, cooling and electrical needs in any given … (6 comments)

remax northern kentucky: Road to Recovery Lies Ahead While Housing Market Stabilizes. - 12/26/11 11:16 PM
2011 is ending on a high note as economists anticipate some signs of recovery ahead. Prices appear to be reaching their trough, supply is on the decline, and banks are ever so slightly loosening lending standards. That in part to the steep rise in the cost of the average mortgage. However, these positive signs do not point to an immediate recovery. Since 2007, home prices have declined 33 percent, countering the sharp increases of the boom years yet clearly looking for a bottom. Nondistressed home prices in particular seem to have bottomed out. While home prices declined 4 percent this year, prices of … (7 comments)

remax northern kentucky: Principal Reduction For Homeowners? - 12/05/11 11:54 PM
Why are lawmakers or institutions not talking more about principal reduction for homeowners? Are the people who created the current mess in housing going to keep the rhetoric up of how impossible this concept is when nothing that has been done to this point has even started to address the problem? Principal reduction for homeowners will not only help with the current housing crisis but would also act as a stimulus to the economy. Yet government intervention and past attempts to reduce interest rates have done nothing. The problem is being passed down the road for the next generation to try to figure out.
Let's look at what's not working: Interest rate … (0 comments)

remax northern kentucky: Points to Consider Before Purchasing Your Northern Kentucky Home. - 11/29/11 11:34 PM
Here are five easy to understand, yet very important points if you are going to purchase a Northern Kentucky home in the near future.
Get professional help. Connect with a Realtor who truly understands your purchasing power, needs and desires. The Internet makes it easy to do some preliminary work, but nothing compares to the bargaining power and experience of a qualified Realtor.
Be sure your credit is in good shape before even considering seeking a loan. Be sure that all information is accurate and up-to-date. This will better help you avoid issues during the qualification process. If you need time to clean up … (3 comments)

remax northern kentucky: Is A Family Mortgage Good For Northern Kentucky Home Buyers? - 11/22/11 02:23 AM
The real estate market has taken a beating in recent years but many still want to own their own home. One of the biggest challenges they face is the problem that mortgages are hard to get. Yet there is a solution that's making housing a family affair. The concept is the family mortgage and it often creates a win win for all involved. This is a time when parents of grown children are looking to earn greater interest on their investments while their grown children are looking to buy a house at a lower interest rate. In this type of scenerio a family mortgage could help both sides.

remax northern kentucky: Selling Your Northern Kentucky Home In The Winter. - 11/13/11 10:20 PM
Winter months have the fewer home sale closings in Northern Kentucky. Yet sometimes a job transfer or other personal circumstances require making a sale in the dead of winter. Although that means fewer buyers in the Northern Kentucky area, as a seller you'll have a chance to stand out in a thinned-out field of homes that are for sale. Here are some tips to help sell your home in the winter months:
1. Make your home warm and cozy.
Home staging techniques used to make your house look brighter, warmer and more appealing takes on a new shape in winter. Rearranging furniture and applying a … (0 comments)

remax northern kentucky: The Five Most Asked Real Estate Questions I've Had In 2011. - 11/08/11 11:23 PM
Here are the five most asked real estate questions I've had in 2011.
1. Interest rates -- how low will they go?American home buyers are fixated on interest rates, which have fallen to the 4 percent range, and stayed in that neighborhood much of the year. Homeowners who are stuck in upside-down mortgages (owing more than their homes are worth) have practically salivated after super-low rates all year, while buyers and refinanciers have suffered through days, even weeks, of breathless anxiety about the possibility of locking their rates too soon.
2. Stay or Walk away? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to … (0 comments)

remax northern kentucky: Is Making A Large Downpayment On Your Home Always A Good Idea? - 11/06/11 11:18 PM
Homeownership is more affordable than ever. This is due to low interest rates and lower home values. Some buyers who have a large downpayment believe this will get them the lowest monthly<!--more--> mortgage payment which is true. However, because a buyer can afford to put a large amount down does not necessarily mean they should.
Buyers with a large asset base may want to consider other approachs which include applying some of their cash for savings, investing or other purposes. Keeping debt low is a good idea but with today’s interest rates and the competitive pricing on homes, borrowers can retain some of their … (2 comments)

remax northern kentucky: Northern Kentucky Home Buying Tips - 11/05/11 11:44 PM
In the market to buy a home? You may have already realized that the process involves many different aspects that require certain levels of knowledge. Chances are some of the process might be a bit foreign to most. By aligning yourself with a team of professionals, you are sure to avoid some of the most common home buyer mistakes. Below are suggestions to help avoid many mistakes home buyers make.1. Hire the Right Realtor. Notice it says Realtor verses agent? Personalities and experience levels range greatly, just as with any profession. Do you want a Realtor who is sweet, patient, and … (0 comments)

remax northern kentucky: Feel like you have been knocked down and having trouble getting up? - 10/27/11 10:46 PM
Most people would agree that professional football is a rough and even sometimes violent sport. Years ago, during a Monday-night football game between the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants, one of the announcers Frank Gifford observed that Walter Payton, the Bears' hall-of-fame running back, had accumulated over nine miles in yardage by running with the football. While that was a fact it was also true that he on average got knocked down every 4.6 yards!To put that in perspective consider the following. In a mile there is roughly 5200 feet. Take that number 5200 and times it by 9 … (4 comments)

remax northern kentucky: Help For Northern Kentucky Homeowners Who Owe More Than Their Home Is Worth. - 10/26/11 11:22 PM
The Federal Housing Finance Agency removed several key barriers to the Home Affordable Refinance Program Monday to allow more underwater borrowers to move into lower-rate mortgages. In order to assist more of the estimated 11 million borrowers who owe more on their mortgage than their home is worth, the FHFA removed the 125% LTV ceiling on the program.
The FHFA also eliminated certain risk-based fees borrowers had to pay and waived certain representation and warranty risk for lenders of the new, refinanced mortgage. An appraisal would also no longer be required if an automated valuation model estimate was already provided by the government-sponsored … (2 comments)

remax northern kentucky: The Connection between Real Estate and Our Economy - 10/23/11 05:21 PM
Most have watched the real estate market wondering what lies ahead. While no one can predict the future various government programs for delinquent and financially challenged homeowners reveals a disturbing fact. The delinquency trends for all the types of loans are up.Aren't those just sub prime loans I hear about on the news you ask? Does it really matter if it's prime or sub prime? The national average is 13.2% for total non-current home owners. This statistic counts both delinquencies and foreclosures.Everything that happens in real estate can happen because of other things. Just a few of the many examples are … (6 comments)

remax northern kentucky: In Need Of An Attitude Adjustment? - 10/20/11 10:16 PM
I'm sure many of you have heard the expression, attitude is everything. Attitude might not be everything but it is definitely important, especially right now. Now it is simply your attitude and mentality that will give you the edge over others who are trying to prosper in this highly volatile market. Most people are intelligent enough to know that this statement is true. Some people reading this may argue that a positive attitude doesn't always work. Maybe not always but I know one thing for sure, negative thoughts and attitudes seldom work to your advantage! Once I was told, “An optimist … (6 comments)

remax northern kentucky: Northern Kentucky For Sale By Owner Tips - 10/16/11 10:24 PM
Following is a list of points from a local "For Sale By Owner" website. To each thought I will provide a counter-point for your consideration.1. You Can Sell Your Home Better Than Anyone Else: You know your home best and what is special about the area as well as other details about the property.You might know all the particulars about your home and area but you may not know what NOT to say. You could be held legally liable for what you say to a buyer.While a well-maintained, fairly priced home may virtually sell itself you need to make sure your … (2 comments)

remax northern kentucky: Understanding Property Disclosures - 10/16/11 01:18 AM
When you are selling a property there are certain disclosures mandated by state and federal law. Do you know them? Are there other disclosures that are recommended, even if not required? This blog will help to address those issues.Federal DisclosuresFederal law requires disclosure of lead-based paint hazards on any property built before 1978. This is generally done on an EPA-approved form, combined with giving the buyer a copy of the pamphlet, "Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home", available from the EPA's website. The law requires that you give your buyers a ten-day opportunity to test the house for lead. … (3 comments)

remax northern kentucky: House Hunting Tips For Northern Kentucky Homebuyers - 10/14/11 01:02 PM
It's a good idea to buy a map of the city where you're planning your home search. Sites like Google Maps and Mapquest can help you plan your search route, but nothing beats an old-fashioned foldable map for getting a sense of your potential commute and the layout of your future neighborhood. For that authentic explorer vibe, you can even tack it up on the wall and mark the locations of the homes you find listed online.House hunters need a means to plan their search. Finding a Realtor you like is key, as Realtors are invaluable guides who will provide you … (1 comments)

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