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Real estate and mortgage advice, , thoughts, wisdom (or lack thereof), opinion, humor and general real estate and mortgage commentary. Based on more than 30 years of hard won experience and remember, "experience is what you get when you don't get what you want." Blog posts are published most weekdays or so, and are provided as a service of Northstone Real Estate Inc. and Northstone Mortgage. Your comments, questions, criticism, opinions, diatribes, etc are always welcome.



Yesterday, I did a search of the MLS for every listed property within 1/2 mile of a listing I have in order to ask the other listing agents how their level of activity has been with showings and open houses and what their opinion is of the area market.  Of the 18 agents I emailed, 16 of them resp...
Ken,  If you are out there, we just want to let you know that we have the skills and experience necessary to make buying your home a pleasant and stress free experience.  Having helped many high profile people like you, we have learned that the process is an art as well as a science.  Learning to...
As lenders continue to retreat from losses, many mortgage programs are being rapidly modified or eliminated altogether.  What this means is the days of easy qualification for the minimum down buyer are numbered, at least for now.  As always, the pendulum swings, and these programs will be back ev...
Showing homes this weekend I was somewhat surprised when my client asked me "what really is wrong with the market"?  After a long thought I told him, perception.  This is a difficult time for many people but people are still moving.  They are still buying and selling homes.  They are still invest...
So this article appears on MSNBC about shark attacks dropping and my first reaction was "of course shark attacks have dropped, there are fewer net branches in the mortgage business."  Then I realized they are talking about real sharks, the fish kind, the ones that EAT people.  Well wait a minute....
This market, more so than most, continues to be a very price sensitive market.  One of my favorite agents, Dan Edwards, of Northstone Real Estate said it best recently when he said "it is no longer adequate to the priced competitively, your price must be compelling." The most common objection I g...
Effective February 17, 2009 Issaquah-based Northstone Mortgage has gone green!    According to Northstone account executive Jule' Gunn, Northstone has implemented new technology to eliminate most of the paperwork associated with the traditional mortgage process.  The benefits to the consumer are ...
Word on the street is the short sale process is headed for change and the sooner the better.  As it now exists the short sale process is at best cumbersome and at worst, and read worst as usual, ridiculously inefficient.  In many instances little or no progress is made in weeks or even months lea...
This post is part of a series on basic prospecting.  There really are no secrets in the real estate business.  All it really comes down to is doing the basics and doing them well.  One of the most basic elements of any solid real estate business is marketing to your sphere of influence.  There ar...
Inman News reports that the proposed $15,000 home buyer tax credit was cut from the economic stimulus package and is headed for a final vote on Friday.  The homebuyer tax credit was included in the $838 billion economic stimulus package passed by the Senate on Tuesday but was then scaled back to ...

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