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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Dawn Rickabaugh (Note Queen) Owner Financing Consultant
Dawn Rickabaugh is passionate about liberating and empowering people. She loves teaching sellers and other brokers how to create winning transactions through intelligent use of the Installment Sale, the Title Holding (Land) Trust, and other powerful strategies. These are also great tools for deferring capital gains without a 1031 exchange.



*** [watch video] Help protect your personal property rights: the ability to use owner financing to sell your property, the ability to buy a property without needing to qualify for new bank financing, your ability to defer capital gains and enjoy cash flow for retirement by carrying paper. If HR...
Investors are looking for ways to squeak profits out of fixing and flipping by using owner financing (with subsequent note sales) if they can.  My answer to this recent email may help to shed some light on what’s out there right now . . . “I was wondering what terms to use in structuring an owner...
Diana Olick over at CNBC puts out a lot of relevant data.  Jumbos are really making the news these days.  (You saw my last related post, right?) “It seems that while the middle and lower end of the market was seeing real price recovery this Spring, the high end, which was pretty flat all fall, st...
This post explains why, if you own a high-end home, you shouldn’t necessarily “wait for the economy to recover” so you can get your price, unless you’re prepared to wait a very long time. Keith Jurow over at the Real Estate Channel recently wrote a compelling article that relates specifically to ...

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