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I just finished watching The Great Pumpkin, I am not ashamed to admit that I love the Peanuts movies.  Probably the all time best is the Great Pumpkin, look I really like the Thanksgiving one, I am no cook and so popcorn and toast doesn't sound bad to me, but the Great Pumpkin, I love it.  I text...
Rockville Centre NY Annual 10K (6.2 mile) road race and the new 5K (3.1 mile) race will begin on Saturday, November 13 at 10 am.  The starting line is on Park Avenue between Merrick Road and Sunrise Highway opposite the Fantasy Theater.  You can register for the race at Village Hall, One College ...
The Rockville Centre NY Annual Costume Parade and Party will be held on October 31st in Rockville Centre NY.  Children from pre K and up and parents are welcome to attend.  All participants must register at the Recreation Center.  The cost is $7 per family. The parade will start at the Village Gr...
I am on a roll, I'll have somewhine with that.  I am whining a little but I promise my next post will be uplifiting and kind.  Ralph will give me an angel on my next post.  Everyone will want to get to the gold button first.  That's later. I have a new agent, young savvy and quite good looking I ...
I just got home from a day of being Nana, I had my Nana hat on today and not my pushy Realtor Liz hat.  I change hats a lot but that is juice for another blog.  I was happy to return to my own quiet, orderly house.  Besides all my other faults I am somewhat anal.  The issues never end.  Also I ra...
I left work early to come home and watch the game and don't ask what game unless you are a Russian spy.  I am not going to get into one team versus another.  I love baseball, I think it is a thinking woman's sport and I grew up in the Bronx and so I have to keep turning around to make sure I have...
A few years back, well OK a lot of years back I signed my daughter up for a really nice day camp in the area.  I went for my lungs, I mean it was really expensive.  Five pools, lockers, trips the whole Long Island spoiled kids nine yards.  Allison should have been thrilled, when I was 11 I would ...
I man the phones in my office.  I am the broker, but it is really important that calls into the office and appointments for our clients be handled with excellence.  My partner and I decided about a year ago to make the sacrifice.  I can't trust a receptionist to save me.  I really like the part t...
The St. Ignatius Retreat House is Located on Searingtown  Road in Manhasset, New York.  The house is open to all faiths.  The house is called Inisfada which in Gaelic means Long Island.  The 87 room mansion was built between 1916 and 1920 as a summer home for Nicholas and Genevieve Brady. One of ...
I just read a bog in Paying It Forward and it was written by a young mom named Lindsay.  She posted about coming home from work and doing simple things with her kids, just down to earth basic things, but quality time in the highest sense of the word.  There is no doubt in my mind that Lindsay's c...

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