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I ended Part 1 with a question... how can consumers make sure they are working with a true sales professional and a Realtor/lender that's worth their commission?  This question should be foundational for consumers that are in the process of shopping for a home or interest rate.  Simply calling ar...
Sometimes I hear Realtors or loan officers comapred to other professionals, but can you really compare a Realtor to a M.D.?  I am sure many Realtors and loan officers view themselves as a professional, but I think we do ourselves a disservice when we fail to realize how we are actually viewed by ...
WOW!  I just wrote a blog the other day about FHA limits being increased and now they have temporarily increased them even more.  The new FHA loan limits for the Charlotte Metro Area are $303,750 until 12/31/2008.  That is a huge increase and should allow many sub-prime loans to refinanced using ...
Some people in our industry drive me NUTS.  I try to keep my cool and actually do most of the time, but sometimes I just have to say something.This morning I had a client in an attorney's office for the closing of their refinance.  My partner actually handled this transaction, but I know about th...
FHA has increased the loan limits for the Charlotte Metro area.  If you would like to learn more about the benefits of FHA financing and the new increases you can check out the rest of this blog at:http://homesfortmill.com/mortgage/253/Olan CarderMyers Park Mortgagewww.mycharlottemortgage.com 

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