seo: I hope you didn’t pay someone to page sculpt your website – Google poked a stick in it – SEO update - 06/03/09 01:48 AM
If you are into SEO then you probably have heard of page sculpting (you can check out this link to see how all the top SEO sites basically recommend doing it). In short it’s the art of trying to control page rank to ensure that only the pages you select for a high page rank receive page rank from your home page. It basically involves putting a series of “no follows” throughout your site to make sure Google bots don’t follow links to all your interior pages. I remember reading hundreds of articles telling you to do this but I also … (9 comments)

seo: Google Tweaking Google Suggest – Bad Side Effects for the Little guy? A SEO Nightmare… - 05/21/09 05:05 AM
Google is adding some different functions to Google suggest. If you aren’t sure what that is it’s when you are typing in the Google search box and it “suggests” what you might be looking for. This seems harmless at first glance because how a suggestion could hurt anyone? Well what if the suggestions were paid suggestions?! Now the added functions are suggested links to sites (hopefully only when you type the site name into the box) and ads (thanks we needed more)
But wait. Ads? Yeah this is the kicker. Now Google is adding PPC ads to the search suggest which … (8 comments)

seo: Overnight Google Changed how it Displays Video in SERPs -- Video SEO - 04/04/09 12:16 PM
If you have been using video this is really good news for you because Google appears to be finally approaching a universal search. That is Google is still returning the most relevant result but multimedia options are becoming available. This is still a limited rollout and not every video is going to do this but you can try. Right now there isn’t much rhyme or reason to why certain videos stick out. Some are speculating that when it comes to YouTube the number of views could actually increase rankings. That makes sense in a way, the more popular a video might … (8 comments)

seo: Knowing What Your Customer is Looking for – Build it and They Will Come - 04/04/09 11:49 AM
Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what people were looking for on the internet and then they in turn would find your site? Well of course that’s why we build and have websites but the content is generally static and it relies on the premise that what the customer is looking for doesn’t change or evolve. But that’s not true and while the majority of traffic might be centered on a few specific topics in relation to real estate a big chunk is looking for a lot of different topics. This is generally referred to as the longtail but sometimes … (0 comments)

seo: Niche Targeted Web Pages Boost Rankings – SEO Tips - 04/04/09 11:43 AM
There is a wealth of information available when it comes to the topic of SEO. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming and for a lot of people it feels like most of the stuff goes right over their heads. I understand how complicated it can be and that’s why I try to write in a way that most people can make sense of it all.
One of the big things that SEO gurus stress is that every aspect of a page should be focused on rather specific subjects. This is where a lot of people struggling with SEO get things wrong. For … (1 comments)

seo: Why Linking to Your Blog(s) From Your Website is Good SEO and not Doing so is Bad - 03/28/09 05:11 AM
Ok I thought this sort of speculation was a thing of the past because so many SEO websites, gurus, and bloggers have covered this topic that I guess I thought everyone knew the answer but it seems not everyone knows so I will try to cover the topic. The question?
Does Google discount reciprocal linking or is having a link from your website to your blog bad for SEO?
Ok I am going to answer this question in a number of ways because there are a variety of reasons this is just a bad idea. Some people have been suggesting … (9 comments)

seo: Google’s Other big Announcement: Major Change to Snippets in Search Results (SEO) - 03/25/09 04:43 AM
Google just announced some rather big news in how it displays search results (SERP) by now providing an even longer snippet. A snippet is what used to be just a bit of text located right below the link on the results page but now they are rolling out an even longer result. While this is great for the end user this might not be so great for consumers. Ars Technica is speculating that this might lead to more time spent Googling and less click throughs. Translated this means the searcher might get the answer to their question or query without having … (6 comments)

seo: Google Starts Rolling out Semantic Searches and More! Big Big News at Google - 03/25/09 03:44 AM
For years SEO experts and not-so-experts have been saying that semantic searching will be the next big thing since Kool-Aid. Some have said it was already here and some said it would never come. Well it’s here. Well sort of. Google announced yesterday that “we're deploying a new technology that can better understand associations and concepts related to your search, and one of its first applications lets us offer you even more useful related searches (the terms found at the bottom, and sometimes at the top, of the search results page)” The thing is that for me it doesn’t seem to … (5 comments)

seo: Blogging for Readers or Blogging for SEO? Why not Blog for Both! - 03/24/09 06:57 AM

There was a recent post that I am sure many people read regarding whether you should blog for your readers or be worrying about how search engines read your blogs. The premise was that somehow you have to pick one or the other and if so they would pick the reader. I guess this is because from what they understand of SEO or maybe just how a lot of people see SEO is that it sticks out like a sore thumb. But good SEO is good for the reader too. It’s the bad stuff that gets a bad rap.

seo: The Long Tail, Keywords, SEO, Blogging and You - 03/06/09 05:06 AM
I have seen several posts lately talking about the long tail and how you need to carefully choose your key words for more effective blogging. While that may sound like a very well thought out idea on the surface but in reality it is absolutely just plain wrong or misleading depending on how you view it I guess. The reason it sounds like a valid argument is that when you lump a bunch of SEO terminology into one post it somehow seems to legitimize the post in the eyes of eager bloggers looking for that extra advantage over their competition, the … (20 comments)


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