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My blog is packed full of home inspection related articles that are useful for homeowners, Buyers, Sellers, and real estate agents. I also post interesting inspection pics regularly as I run across something on my inspections that peak my interest. Enjoy!
This home sits right at the bottom of a T intersection where the concrete street slopes downhill to the driveway.  This is a perfect scenario to find "Street Creep".  At a first glance at the concrete block foundation of this home I didn't really see any signs of movement other than some minor ha...
Here's a look at the damage caused by the street expanding, pushing the driveway into the garage floor, and then pushing the foundation wall...aka "Street Creep".Where does Street Creep occur?  You can typically find street creep on houses that are located at the bottom of a 'T' intersection wher...
Panic room baby!Have a nice day!
Rather than continuing to replace the control board over and over and over again, shouldn't someone eventually question why it keeps going bad and try to resolve that???Check out our website for more issues we run across on our home
If there's ever a need for a home inspection, it's on new construction BEFORE the closing!  This poor homeowner hired us after he moved in because he didn't think things were done right.  Sadly, his gut feeling turned out to be 100% correct.  We ended up finding 24 floor trusses installed upside ...
This older home in downtown Omaha, NE had an addition built on the back side of the home for a 2-car garage and a finished Family Room above.  The massive chimney didn't have a proper footing under it.  When it settled, it caused the entire addition to settle with it.There is almost a 3" drop acr...
Every Home Inspector should find at least the major issues of every house.  When you have 2 different Home Inspectors inspecting the same property, at least the major issues that exist on that home should be found by both Home Inspection Companys.  Right?  At least that's a reasonable assumption....
Look at the cockeyed front door.  Look at the window openings.  Look at the ridge line of the 2nd floor over the garage.The front door was a good clue.Then came the laser level readings of the first floor from left exterior wall to right:Then the laser level readings of the 2nd floor from left ex...
A deck railing needs to withstand a 200 lb force exerted laterally against it.  The perfect installation of a wood deck will have 4x4 or larger guard posts bolted and blocked to the joists.  This makes them extremely sturdy.  You don't have to worry about 2 adults leaning against the railing and ...
Hallowell International was founded in 2005 and went out of business in 2011.  They had a hot product called the Acadia which was an air source heat pump that could heat a house down to -32 degrees F!  Their claim to fame was that you didn't need to have a back up heat source if you installed the...

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