omaha home inspection: Foundation Cracks Covered Up REALLY Well on this Omaha home - 01/16/18 01:23 PM
This home sits right at the bottom of a T intersection where the concrete street slopes downhill to the driveway.  This is a perfect scenario to find "Street Creep".  At a first glance at the concrete block foundation of this home I didn't really see any signs of movement other than some minor hairline cracks.  Then I started staring at what was around the cracks and realized I was looking at a really good mortar patch job.  They even went as far as hand troweling in fake mortar joints.  What I had originally noticed as small hairline cracks were signs of … (0 comments)

omaha home inspection: A Look At "Street Creep" in Omaha, Nebraska - 01/04/18 07:17 AM
Here's a look at the damage caused by the street expanding, pushing the driveway into the garage floor, and then pushing the foundation wall...aka "Street Creep".
Where does Street Creep occur?  You can typically find street creep on houses that are located at the bottom of a 'T' intersection where the street runs downhill directly into the driveway that is connected right up to the home's foundation.  You can also find it where the street curves downhill into a driveway.  These are the 2 scenarios where the most damage is likely to occur.  Street Creep can also be seen on flat streets … (2 comments)

omaha home inspection: Somedays you get to run across some cool stuff - 12/18/17 08:30 AM
Panic room baby!

Have a nice day!

omaha home inspection: Why is the Control Board on the Furnace Going Bad 3x's? - 12/18/17 06:27 AM
Rather than continuing to replace the control board over and over and over again, shouldn't someone eventually question why it keeps going bad and try to resolve that???
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omaha home inspection: House Settled, 1 Home Inspector Missed It, 1 Didn't, Why? - 12/07/17 06:58 AM
Every Home Inspector should find at least the major issues of every house.  When you have 2 different Home Inspectors inspecting the same property, at least the major issues that exist on that home should be found by both Home Inspection Companys.  Right?  At least that's a reasonable assumption.
So why is it that Home Inspection Company A, who has a very favorable relationship with lots of real estate companies and is known for never being an alarmist, can't seam to find that a house built in 1995 has an entire living room on the front half of this house sloping downhill … (3 comments)

omaha home inspection: Why Was This Home Inspection Terminated? - 03/03/17 12:44 PM

Look at the cockeyed front door.  Look at the window openings.  Look at the ridge line of the 2nd floor over the garage.
The front door was a good clue.
Then came the laser level readings of the first floor from left exterior wall to right:

Then the laser level readings of the 2nd floor from left exterior wall to right:

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omaha home inspection: Is Your Deck Railing Safe? - Not This One in Omaha, NE - 03/01/17 07:35 AM
A deck railing needs to withstand a 200 lb force exerted laterally against it.  The perfect installation of a wood deck will have 4x4 or larger guard posts bolted and blocked to the joists.  This makes them extremely sturdy.  You don't have to worry about 2 adults leaning against the railing and having it give way.
Then there's this deck installation in Omaha, NE that I ran across this week on my home inspection:
At first glance, the railing looks beautiful and sturdy.  Then when I grabbed on it, I could easily move the entire railing a good 6" on both directions!  They … (2 comments)

omaha home inspection: Cracked Heat Exchanger on York Furnace - 02/24/17 07:12 AM
Now and again I show up at an inspection and find an old furnace and wonder why it wasn't replaced at least a decade ago!  I think to myself how insane it is for a Mom or Dad to put their entire family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and for what? save a few bucks by leaving the furnace in place for a year or 2 longer?  I know money doesn't grow on trees and some families are in dire financial straights that doesn't always give them the luxury of being able to replace a furnace or pay to have … (0 comments)

omaha home inspection: Are Ventless Fireplaces A Good Idea? - 02/22/17 09:03 AM
Ventless fireplaces have no flue.  Whatever flue gases they produce dump directly into your living room, family room, or wherever you have it located.  Along with the flue gases, ventless systems produce moisture in the burning process.  So as you're sitting there getting warmed by your nice looking ventless fireplace, be cautious of the potential carbon monoxide poisoning and mold.  I've seen too many ventless units producing 20-30 ppm of carbon monoxide.  I've also seen mold growth on the walls and ceilings in the rooms they are located. 
I performed a home inspection on a nice house in Bellevue, NE just last … (3 comments)

omaha home inspection: Direct vent fireplaces leaking carbon monoxide - 01/15/17 07:52 AM
Direct vent fireplace are the ones that have the glass front that doesn't open.  They are supposed to be a sealed chamber that shouldn't allow flue gases to enter the home.  The direct vent flue pipe has an inner pipe that exhausts the flue gases to the exterior and an outer pipe that draws combustion air into the firebox for the flames to have oxygen.
I had the pleasure of inspecting this large house built in '96 in Wahoo, Nebraska.  With it came 2 fireplaces.  When I was testing the propane direct vent fireplaces, they both appeared to operate normally, but I … (2 comments)

omaha home inspection: Where the H-E-Doublehockeysticks is the electric panel??? - 01/01/17 06:56 PM
Some home inspections push our buttons. 
If you're a homeowner trying to sell your house or a Listing Agent giving your Seller advice on how to get ready for a home inspection, then here's a quick To-Do list for ya:
1. Put your dog in a kennel or have it stay at someone else's house during the inspection.  We just "love" dogs that are constantly barking, getting under our feet, or better yet...actually bite us!
2. Pick up the dog mines in the back yard.  You don't want us tracking the nice brown stuff into your house do you? ;-)
3. If your cat is … (0 comments)

omaha home inspection: True Cornhusker Fans On This Valley, Nebraska Home Inspection - 12/14/15 12:47 PM
It might be time to clean out your gutters when...
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omaha home inspection: Whole House Water Filter Helps Reduce Iron In Blair, Nebraska - 12/13/15 12:01 PM
In the outskirts of Blair, Nebraska, our drinking water comes from a community well that is high in iron.  With high iron comes rust stains in the toilet bowl, buildup in the toilet reservoir tank, rings in the sinks, rust marks in the shower surround, aerators clogging on the sink faucets, and filters getting clogged.  What you can't see is the copper pipes get buildup along with the water heater tank also.
Here is part of the solution on greatly reducing the amount of iron in your home's potable water as it enters your home:
Obviously, the brand new clean filter is on … (0 comments)

omaha home inspection: Lamp Cord Burns Into Carpet - 12/06/15 12:00 PM
Here's reminder that you need to pay attention to what you actually plug into outlets.  If the cord is damaged, you might not be as lucky as this homeowner.
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omaha home inspection: Why Would You Ever Unplug A Lift Pump??? - 12/02/15 11:08 PM
I had the pleasure of inspecting an "easy" 1,100 s.f. condo yesterday.  It had been flipped.  Looked nice and clean.  New carpet, new paint, new countertops, new fixtures, etc.  The basement was newly finished with an unfinished utility room.  I flushed the basement toilet a few times, ran the sink for a while, and everything checked out.  I turned the washer & dryer on, let the washer fill up and run while I inspected the rest of the interior.  I happened out of pure luck to go back into the basement just as the washer is discharging into the lift pump.  … (2 comments)

omaha home inspection: So How Is This Furnace Supposed To Be Serviced? - 09/07/15 02:52 AM
The main cast sewer stack was 8 1/2" in front of the furnace.  The water heater was 11" in front of the furnace.  Not that home inspectors are supposed to know code, but code requires a minimum 30" clearance in front of the furnace.  Why?  So the HVAC Technicians have enough room to be able to work on the furnace.
Who's to blame on this house?  The main cast sewer stack was original to the house.  The water heater was older than the furnace.  Whoever replaced the old furnace and installed the new one is the one that made this mistake.  In … (2 comments)

omaha home inspection: My Handyman Installed the Water Heater...No Kidding! - 09/04/15 12:14 PM
This was a recent home inspection on a modular home in South Bend, Nebraska.  The Seller hired a handyman to install a new water heater.  He screwed up on 3 items that ended up being 2 explosion hazards and 1 carbon monoxide hazard.  Can you see what's missing?  The answer is below the picture:
The drafthood is missing.  This can lead to the flue gases not drafting properly and potentially backing up into the home...aka carbon monoxide poisoning.
He installed a 1/2" copper Temperature & Pressure relief valve drain line when it's required to be a minimum 3/4" piping.  If the water heater … (3 comments)

omaha home inspection: Just a slight electrical Omaha, Nebraska - 09/01/15 12:46 AM
Ever enter a house and wonder how in the world it hasn't burnt down yet? 
The main electric panel was located in the basement bathroom just to the side of the toilet.  The kitchen sink was located directly above the panel.  The sink leaked badly and had been for what appeared to be years.  The basement bathroom ceiling & wall were water damaged.  Mold was throughout the basement.  The main panel had been getting wet for so long that everything was heavily rusted.  The bottom of the panel with white neutral wires turned brown speaks for itself;-)
For more electrical hazards we find … (3 comments)

omaha home inspection: Ever Wonder If An Elderly Person Had CO Poisoning? - 08/30/15 11:41 AM
I inspected an estate sale property recently where I found the B-vent flue pipe misaligned on the water heater and actively discharging carbon monoxide into the home.  The Seller had recently moved into an assisted living facility.  All of her belongings were left behind as her family had not had the chance to clean the house out and redistribute her things.
When I stumbled onto the flue pipe leaking carbon monoxide, I couldn't help but wonder if the reason she had went into assisted living was from old age or from carbon monoxide poisoning.
There are numerous times each year that I run … (1 comments)

omaha home inspection: Review of Omaha Home Inspector, Greg Wayman - 08/25/15 11:16 AM

Check out our latest review posted on Zillow:
"Outstanding and thorough inspection of my mother's home pre-sale.  We wanted the home to be in perfect shape when we put it on the market, and Greg helped us do that.  My contractor was pleased to have such a professional and comprehensive list to work with.  Many items were minor, but a few were major.  We saved a lot of money by doing all the work at once ahead of listing, not after a buyer inspection or complaint." - from Nancy D. in Omaha, NE
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