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If you have several documents that you want to combine into a single PDF, here is a cool little trick for you:You can check to boxes next to each document that you want included in the PDF on the document page and then click the print icon in the upper right hand corner.  This will "re-print" the...
Yes, we all do our best to incorporate new technology into our business practices to stay ahead of the competition.  But, are you really getting the most out of the technology that you use?  Sure, there are the obvious benefits of technology: increased efficiency, increased organization, greater ...
Over time, I have had the opportunity to trouble shoot with many people to assist them in viewing documents on SureClose.  Here are a few of the most common solutions:1) If you are trying to view a document and only get a white screen or a white screen with a little red "x" in the corner, this do...
In almost every demo that I do where I'm showing off our transactions and systems on SureClose, the number one question I am asked is, "What do those little green flags mean?"  So, here is the answer in case you were wondering: The little waving green flag indicates that the item it is next to ha...
Someone said something today that really made my skin crawl.  We often work with real estate companies that are in transition.  Whether it is a change in their staff or a change in their processes, we help them to make these transitions.  In helping the staff at one of those companies today, my o...
Chopping documents sounds so brutal!  This really is something that is necessary if you want to be paperless, though.  We typically receive documents for transactions via email or e-fax.  When these documents come to us, there are often several documents in the group.  To have a clearly documente...
Helpful SureClose Hint for today (SureClose Upload)Being able to upload documents with the SureClose printer driver is a feature that I'm not sure we could operate our business without.  There are a couple of reasons this feature is useful.   •1)      If several documents come to you in a PDF for...
I've noticed a pattern in my life lately.  I think I've gone over the edge of no return.  OK, it isn't that bad but I thought we could have a little fun here.  These are just some observations of mine and I'm not telling if these are actually my actions or the actions of people I encounter each d...
There is an amazing feature within SureClose that will allow "general - access" users to annotate documents.  The document needs to be filed on SureClose in a TIFF format.  If the document is loaded in a PDF format, you can change it to a TIFF by using the SureClose upload option (this will be my...

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