I am seeing some strange things happening in my analytics program. For the last week or so I have been seeing clicks attributed to my organic traffic coming from what appear to be the Google PPC network. I have seen clicks from Google Syndication sources as well as clicks from Google Adsense MFA ...
Link building is a very time consuming task especially for new sites. The ideal link building scenario is to get natural links from quality sites that find your content useful enough to recommend it to their users. The problem is that people need to find your site to see that great content and l...
So I am leaving for vacation tomorrow and am currently dealing with the frightening proposition of not being fully connected all the time. Now, don't get me wrong I am looking forward to getting away and not constantly checking my site, Google Analytics, and making daily reports. But I always fee...
Is the opening of a brand new market in the NYC area? Parking spots in Manhattan are now going for $225,000. According to the article cities like Boston and Chicago also have a prime market for parking space professionals. I wonder if these parking spaces need title insurance? Surely if you pay t...
It looks like the infiltration of spammers at Squidoo has caught up with them. I read a post at Search Engine Land discussing Jason Calacanis efforts to out Squidoo as a source for SPAM. It appears that his efforts worked and Squidoo was hit with a penalty. They started to lose rankings and it lo...
07/12/2007 has developed a new tool that will allow users to get a title insurance quote online. This is the first version and it has just been added to the My Closing Space Blog. To see it in action visit the My Closing Space Blog. If you would like to add this tool to your site or other...
By now almost everyone is aware that you can find almost anything on Google including things that you may not want potential clients or employers to see (whether it is true or not). There have been a number of posts discussing reputation management and how negative information on Google can hurt ...

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