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It seems like there's always some basic maintenance around the house that needs to be done.  My brother, being a thinking man, came up with the following great ideas while he was extracting toys from the toilet one day.  Here's a list of his helpful household tips: Avoid cutting yourself when sli...
While reading the internet this morning, it came to my attention that the USA has been infected by a wide variety of virus strains and this why the economy seems to be getting worse rather than better.  Here are a few of the possible candidates: Government Virus - It just keeps getting larger and...
Sometimes people do funny things.  They usually don't mean to do them, but apparently they just can't help themselves.  Generally speaking these acts are predicated on some misconception or another.  Here's an example of what I mean: An elderly Floridian called 911 on her cell phone to report tha...
Desire to purchase an item is often influenced by the price.  If we perceive something we want or need as a bargain, then it becomes relatively easy to justify the expenditure.  In our society, it's mostly the case that people need and expect to have a roof over their heads.  Sure we have dedicat...
You just can't make some people happy.  Everything can be going well for them and they'll still find something to complain about.  It's really just a matter of responsibility.  If you believe that your happiness is dependent on external conditions, you're much more likely to be dissatisfied.  Her...
Somehow, without me actually noticing it, it's become football season.  I don't mean that I'm not a football fan, it's just that the summer has slipped by quickly and we're now into the time of year when I normally become more interested in sports.  A friend related the following story to me and ...
Selling real estate in Florida can pose some special challenges.  However, we've become experienced at dealing with most of them.  We've had to reassure people about termites, hurricanes, tornadoes, heat, humidity, frequent thunderstorms, bizarre street names, snakes, spiders, alligators and many...
The Universe is far more complex than we think.  Generally, most people don't take much time to even think about this sort of thing, but it can be an interesting topic.  Despite the general lack of belief in activities which are usually labeled as "psychic," there is some interesting evidence tha...
I was thinking about the nature of the Universe the other day.  I know, I know.  It's an unusual subject for a real estate agent and I can assure you that my wife thought I'd be better off thinking about how to generate more listings. I guess whether or not you find it interesting depends on your...
Working in real estate, we find that we usually do most of our work ourselves.  Oh, sometimes we request the secretarial staff to do things for us, but usually it's easier to do it ourselves.  We used to have an assistant and she was very helpful, but she left us after several years in order to a...

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