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2008 Ever needed that user's manual you had when you bought that new (fill in the blank), but you couldn't find it?  It happens to most of us (except perhaps for accountants and other better organized people in the world than I am).  Pretty frustrating to need that darn thing and n...
I was hanging out at the office this past Saturday morning getting ready for a listing presentation and doing some quick market research when a young lady knocked on the door.  I let her in and welcomed her.  She asked if we had a notary available.  Let's's Saturday and I'm the only pers...
Here in Tulsa we have a battle going on between people with two different points of view. On the one side, you have the home owners in older and sometimes historical neighborhoods in Tulsa.  On the other side, you have prospective new home owners who are looking for a place to build.  The problem...
Nobody ever told me, when I went in real estate, that I'd be going into a career that is so tightly tied to the emotional side of life. If you think I'm wrong, just think back to that client you had who got upset over whatever it was.  How about the one that absolutely blew his or her top over th...
I used to live up North.  I understand how valuable and useful basement space is. However, here in Oklahoma, basements are NOT something you want to dig into.  Instead of going down, we go UP with bonus rooms and second floors. Check out these pics from an actual basement here in our area.  The h...
This is an update on my mom who has cancer.  Many of you ask from time to time how she is doing.  I often don't respond to the questions because I can't.  It's too emotionally taxing somedays. The current update on my mother is... She is about to complete treatment #6 of her hard Rituxin treatmen...
I have a nice couple who I'm working with right now who are going to be my buyers as soon as they sell their home.  They're selling their home as a For Sale By Owner because they don't have enough equity in it to list it with a realtor. Last night I took them to see a great new listing I have (ge...
According to an article in the Sunday Tulsa World, the number of new Oklahoma foreclosures was 30% lower in May than in April.  That's great news because anytime you're in a crisis, you start looking for the bottom.  When you hit the bottom, you know you're on the way out of that crisis.  However...
"That showing time is too early for us.  If you'll come at 12:30, that will work fine. Thank you!" This was the message I got from a seller in our area tonight on my cell phone.  I had called him earlier and had a left a message about showing his home tomorrow morning around 9:30.  I know that ca...
"Vinyl shower curtains sold at major retailers across the country emit toxic chemicals that have been linked to serious health problems, according to a report released Thursday by a national environmental organization." This quote comes from a story in the LA times and is a feature on Google News...

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