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Here in Owasso Oklahoma, we seem to have a mole problem.  As you drive down the highways and around town, you can see their brown dirt heaps from where they've been tunneling through the ground. Moles, like groundhogs and other burrowing creatures are very dangerous if you own cattle or horses.  ...
I'll take it with a grain of salt that Elizabeth Weintraub referred to many of us as "turkey agents" when it comes to being a buyer's agent on short sales.  After all, it is still close to Thanksgiving! However, I do have to disagree with her post (or most of it), Short Sales Are Not the Ugly Pos...
It's Thanksgiving, which is time to be thankful.  I was thinking about being thankful this morning as I drank my coffee and thought about what lies ahead for us today.  What does it mean to be thankful?  For me, that definition has begun to change over the last few years.  I used to be...
Speechless Sunday - What in Oklahoma is it? I was out with a cliet the other day looking at some vacant land that he was interested in purchasing when we came across something strange.  See if you can identify it...  Did you figure it out?  Yes?  No?  Okay, are you ready if you didn't??? This is ...
One of the things I love about Active Rain is that you just never know what you're going to learn or come across.  From Short Sale Expertise and video via Broker Bryant to all things Real Estate via Lenn Harley, Active Rain is a living encyclopedia of knowledge!  And sometimes you learn things yo...
Welcome to McDonalds in Owasso, Oklahoma! Now, that seems like an odd title doesn't it?  And maybe even writing about McDonalds may seem like an odd thing to do.  But in the famous words of John Pinette, I say "Nay, Nay!" Knowing where your local McDonalds is located is something that is inherent...
If you read my blog regularly, you know that we own four dogs.  They're good friends and get along nicely with one another.  And one of their favorite past times is squirrel chasing.  See if you can find the squirrel they've "treed" in this picture...                                     Can't fin...
Today I'm proud to announce that Diane and I have joined the rest of America.  We are finally the proud owners of a set of new front loaders.  That's right.  We bought a front loader washer and dryer!  What's that you say?  No big deal?  Yeah, it probably isn't.  But when you've been stuck with t...
Let me begin this post by saying up front that I am not a foreclosure Realtor specialist.  While I do list and sell some foreclosed properties, they aren't my focus and/or speciality.  Thankfully, in Oklahoma we don't have that many foreclosed properties and most of the foreclosure market was sna...
Welcome to Precision Screen Manufacturing in Oologah Oklahoma! Precision Screen Manufacturing began in 2006.  It was established in Tulsa and is a sister company to ACME Screen Manufacturing in San Antonio Texas.  Now, why is any of this important to those of us who live in Oklahoma?  Because Pre...

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