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Keep in touch, stay top of mind I am embarrassed to say that I don't do enough to stay in touch with clients other than the regular subscription to American Lifestyle Magazine and the holiday cards. These must work because of the repeat business I am enjoying. Counting my blessings every day. In ...
Before looking at a property, I researched the status of that property because it had appeared as a pre-foreclosure on another site besides the MLS. I asked the agent an update on that pre-foreclosure. And she said if seller sells at or above list price by next month, the sale will go through bec...
Victorian homes abound in Alameda Walking our dogs around in our neighborhood in the island city of Alameda CA is such a joy. I always marvel at the wonderful examples of Victorian-era homes, many of which are on Alameda's Historical Building Study List. According to Alameda Magazine "There are a...
 Karma: the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.   Ten years ago...I listed a home that attracted a married couple who wanted a larger home. They came through my open house. I showed them the house a second time an...
I was talking with a home buyer (now home seller) about how he bought his properties. And he said he has always used the listing agent. And he claims he's had the best deals doing it that way.Does the buyer really think he can get a better deal by using the listing agent which results in dual age...
My new client is working like the dickens to prepare her father's house for sale. I mentioned all the things I manage as  listing agent.  I said that buyers can be enticed or turned off the first few seconds of viewing a house, a picture...and that is why I hire a professional photographer and a ...
Unmotivated tenants can be difficult  When I was looking to buy my duplex, I encountered tenants who were visibly upset that they had to show their place to prospective buyers, and who were obviously unmotivated to move. They looked sullen and impatient. And when I looked at the lower unit, I cou...
Attention, Referring Agents: Want to refer a friend to another agent out of state? Then trust the Relocation Department that your brokerage finds who can help your referral. I was given a referral from an out of state brokerage. The referral said to call the agent first, and so I did. The referri...
Travel the country...the! I saw this image that I thought was rather hilarious, but it sort of slaps me in the face and tells me to wake up.  This is also found on   I went roaring through the first two stages...and now that I am at the last stage with some a...
On a Facebook group, I posted a story about tenants from hell who are now squatting in a Daly City house. These squatters have been evicted 8 times in 6 years, so it makes one wonder how they could have even been allowed to rent anywhere with that record. I opined that perhaps a property manageme...

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