real estate huatulco: Forginers Can Legally Own Property in Mexico - 04/09/10 12:16 AM
Foreigners can legally own property in Mexico.  There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about this because the law in Mexico is complicated. If the property is within 100KM (52 miles) of the boarder or 50KM (31miles) of the coastline then a foreigner must hold the property in a bank trust called a Fideicomiso (Fee-day-co-me-so).
Some people confuse this with a long term lease which will expire. It is not a lease and you do own the property.  A Fideicomiso is a real estate trust where the bank is the trustee and the foreigner is the beneficiary.  The beneficiary … (5 comments)

real estate huatulco: Six Good reasons to Live in Mexico - 03/17/10 03:33 AM
Moving to a country with a different language and culture can be a daunting experience but there are a lot of good reasons to live in Mexico.  In 1999, when we left Canada to live in Mexico most of our friends and family thought we were out of our minds.  (Well some of them thought that long before we left but that is another subject).  None the less we have been here for over ten years and never intend to leave.  This is why...
 1. We were ready to get out of the fast lane and take life a little easier.  … (7 comments)

real estate huatulco: The Name Santa Cruz - 03/01/10 06:21 AM
There are several places in the Americas named Santa Cruz but what is the history behind the name Santa Cruz  and which one was the original?  Santa Cruz, California may be the largest, richest and best known, but it is not the first location to bear its name.  The original Santa Cruz was on the southern Pacific coast of Mexico and is steeped in myth and pirate lore.  Many Bay area residents may be surprised to learn that although the name Santa Cruz translates to "Saint of the Cross" it does not refer to the one who died on the cross.

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