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To any business, either a start-up or established, business credit cards can be very valuable financial tools if managed properly. Remember also, that because they're business credit cards, they are unsecured and don't show up on the owners credit report.  The balances will not show up on your cr...
Is Your Student Loan Safe?Students Scramble to Secure New Loans as Dozens of Lenders Drop Out By ALICE GOMSTYN ABC NEWS Business UnitJuly 30, 2008 Read the whole story at: Forget back-to-school shopping: With just a few wee...
Businesses try to get customers atwitter by using networking sites, blogs By Nancy Kaffer When you think of a business that might have a profile on an online social networking site such as Facebook and MySpace, Pontiac-based Curve Detroit is the kind of company that comes to mind — a hip, 30-some...
BY JOHN-LAURENT TRONCHE July 21, 2008 Fort Worth Business Press Story at: The North Texas area is nationally known as a leader and example of natural gas production, but one company and one individual, both with oil business pasts, could help the...
If you read this headline and thought, “I don’t need small business credit because… “I work out of my house.” “I only work part-time.” “We just have a mom-and-pop shop.” “It’s just me anyway.” “Incorporating takes money. I can open a DBA business with a checking account and a business license. I ...
Creating business credit is not as simple as putting the business name on the credit application. Unless you use certain strategies when creating your business credit relationships, you will most likely be using your personal credit information. Using your personal credit for your business is not...
If you want to start a business, or get additional capital for an ongoing business, you may think it is not possible because you have bad credit. It's true that traditional lenders such as banks do not offer credit as readily to businesses that have less-than-perfect credit. However, today there ...
There is a way for most anyone to obtain a line of credit to suit their business needs these days. There are lenders who specialize in offering bad credit business loans to those who specialize in offering small business credit. These lenders fill in the gaps traditional lending institutions leav...
In the not-too-distant past, many business owners looking for small business credit options did not have many choices. They were forced to either shoehorn their business needs into the limits of their personal credit or try to get a small business credit line from a bank, who usually deals with b...
Businesses with established business credit are prepared for getting additional business financing. They are also more likely to get financed when they apply, regardless of what type of business credit they apply for. Small business credit works the same way. Whatever type or size of business you...

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