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Often when I am helping a client in their home search in Needham I am asked what is the best elementary school. The answer is they are all great.  If your friends have children in one particular school or other they will say that is the best school, but Needham has nothing but best schools.  Ther...
I just had to write about my youngest grandson Liam tonight.  He is 5 years old and will enter kindergarten tomorrow.  Tonight I was thinking of his excitement the other day when he said to me, "Hey Mammie, you should try butter on english muffins they are great."  He had such enthusiasm in his v...
This is just a small capsule of Needham, Massachusetts but a good one. Stay tuned for upcoming events. Plans are already underway for our Tercentennial celebration in 2011. Contact Bill Dermody 781-444-7400 To watch the Needham Channel and get an inside peak at the Field...
What a wonderful town and great place for anyone. I love the little center of town and how very quaint it is. The lovely historic homes that line Route 16 and Route 27 are wonderful. When my granddaughter could barely talk, as we passes through town (she was less that 2) the first thing she woul...
To our family of three it has been a wonderful life.  It sounds like a title to a movie doesn't it?  If we look at the years since we married and before that it has been a great life in Needham and we could not have chosen a better place to live.  We just happened to find a neighborhood that had ...
I just received 2 most amazing videos.  I want to share this one with all of you.  I think as we approach the 7 years since 9/11 today I reflected on how there are lives that are changed forever. I also think about how there are so many protecting us and keeping us safe.  We owe a debt of gratitu...
Needham Business AssociationHarvest Festival this year is on October 4, 2008                              between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. This is really one of my favorite events in town.  It is great to see friends and enjoy the ushering in of the Fall.  It is a hit for any age group.  It is just ...
"Green Goes With Everything." by Sloan Barnett I love passing on great information. I also love being green and have been since 1982. I am thrilled that the word is out. We switched to green products back in 1982 and I did everything I could to recycle and think green. I could say more but her vi...
Needham Luxury Market Report 2003 - 2008 Properties sold over $1 Million 1-03 --6-08 Here are some interesting stats for the luxury home market as follows:                              2003            2004           2005            2006           2007         20008 1 Million $ bracket -    17    ...
Ok, Now it is late at night and I see this video that I am going to embed here and I wonder.  Is this possible and what has this cell phone been doing to me.  I hear all this stuff and then I think about all the radio waves, microwaves, etc. we are all bombarded with. I used to demonstrate microw...

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