frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...KEEPING 'ICE' HOT...!!! - 08/22/14 07:11 AM
If, by now, you haven’t heard of the ‘ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE’ I’ll wait a few seconds while you exit your cave...!!!
OK.......To raise awareness for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and increase donations to this worthy cause...some brilliant mind(s) came up with ‘THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE’...NOW...In the short space of this post, I’m going to assume everyone reading this is aware of the challenge and how it works...if not DO SOME GOOGLING, FACEBOOKING, and/or YOUTUBING and you’ll soon understand...
Several family members and friends have already been ‘TAGGED’ for the challenge and I have heard that contributions to the ALS … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: WOUNDED HEALERS...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 08/15/14 09:02 AM
As I sit here trying to put out a meaningful post, my thoughts keep turning to the World and all its present problems...and if I kept dwelling on these thoughts IT WOULD BE OVERWHELMING...
SO.......In times like this, when the torrents seem to be flooding down on us, I distract myself with THOUGHTS OF THE LORD AND HIS KINGDOM PROMISES...e.g. COME TO ME all you who are heavy burdened and I WILL REFRESH YOU...OR...ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD with those who LOVE HIM and are CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE...

frans friday forum: PRAYEMS...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 08/08/14 07:09 AM

Have you ever been quiet with the Lord in prayer and heard words bouncing around in your brain...???

Sometimes, if I’m prepared, I can quickly jot those words down so as to preserve them and hopefully meditate on them later...I CALL THESE MOMENTS: PRAYEMS...part PRAYER part POEM...!!!
The other day, in my quiet time, here is what I heard:
Lord, make me a lump of clay at Your wheel;
A beautiful flower in Your Garden;
A fine tool in Your shed;
And a careful brush on Your easel of life.
When … (7 comments)

frans friday forum: PRACTIZING PERFEXTION...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 08/01/14 07:04 AM
BE PERFECT as your heavenly Father is perfect...
This is an oft quoted Scripture passage that is either ignored or misunderstood by many of us...!!!
I find that many are reluctant today to endeavor seemingly difficult tasks for FEAR OF FAILING...
The old adage, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT, as enunciated all too frequently by the GOOD NUNS THAT TAUGHT MANY OF US, seems to have fallen by the wayside, and I feel, chiefly because of fear...FEAR OF FAILURE............’TRIAL AND ERROR’ has also become passe...
As humans, we are all created to grow in God’s Grace, and who more … (2 comments)

frans friday forum: IS HEAVEN FOR REAL...Fran's Friday Forum...??? - 07/25/14 09:07 AM
In a family of nine like ours with seven still living at home, a trip to the local theater is almost as costly as a nice dinner out...
SO...if a really blockbuster type ‘FAMILY MOVIE’ comes out we usually wait for the DVD to be released and POP OUR OWN POPCORN, BREW OUR OWN REFRESHMENTS, and PREPARE OUR OWN SNACKS...
Yet another way to gather the family around besides waiting for a nasty thunderstorm and a possible power outage...!!!
We recently did this with the movie ‘HEAVEN IS FOR REAL’...
Although the family ratings were split, I … (4 comments)

frans friday forum: GREAT SUMMER READING...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 07/18/14 06:28 AM

In over 70 years I have evolved from a virtual NON READER to an incessant book hound...!!!
At any given time I may have several books going simultaneously...this from a kid that relied on CLASSIC COMIC BOOKS and CLIFF NOTES to produce book reports in High School...!!!
I just finished reading ‘A VOICE UNDEFEATED’ by COLLIN RAYE...You may know Collin Raye, a Country & Western style singer...and a great humanitarian and Christian Witness...
Although Collin doesn’t receive the fame and fanfare of some other singers of his genre, nevertheless, his career has been very fruitful...16 number one hits … (6 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...HOW'S YOUR CORNER...??? - 07/11/14 06:42 AM
We read and hear about the deterioration of our costly and vastly laborious it will be to replace and/or improve ALL THAT NEEDS FIXIN’...
So I began to make a list of the ‘KNOTS’ and ‘TANGLES’ and ‘SNAGS IN MY OWN PERSONAL … (6 comments)

frans friday forum: A FOURTH OF JULY REFLECTION...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 07/04/14 04:57 AM
As I sat quietly in my study this morning, while everyone else in our home was yet sleeping (10 others including guests and pets)...Let me share my thoughts as I sought the Lord, The Creator to Whom we owe thanks for THE UNALIENABLE RIGHTS that were bestowed on us and that were elaborated upon for us by the FOUNDING FATHERS OF OUR BLESSED NATION...among which are...LIFE...LIBERTY...and...THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS...!!!
These rights have become the foundation upon which our Country was built, and these rights have sustained us until now...
LIFE.......Our Founding Fathers felt so strongly about this right that … (4 comments)

frans friday forum: PRIORITIES...PRIORITIES...PRIORITIES...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 06/27/14 07:01 AM
Most of this week was spent trying to DOUBT THEN ROUT A BOUT OF GOUT...!!!
When you’re immobile, lying practically inanimately on your back, and pain is radiating ‘big time’ from your left foot...WELL...I’m sure you get the picture...!!!
Thankfully, an x ray, some blood work, and eventually an accurate diagnosis of ‘GOUT’ was proffered for which the prescribed medication worked miraculously quickly.......and today I feel like new again and raring to go...SO...
Let me share a few thoughts which the Lord ‘planted’ in my quiet brain whilst He had me where I could listen and listen well...

frans friday forum: TECH 'TOOL' OR TECH 'RULE'...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 06/20/14 08:09 AM
As a tool lover from birth, I must confess, I still have a fascination over a new tool...
My Father told of the Christmas when I received my first TRICYCLE...I had the wheel off before I even rode the bike the first time...!!!
TOOLS ARE USEFUL to enable us to complete tasks efficiently...THEY should never become ‘THE OBJECTS OF OUR AFFECTION’, however, because the very tools we employ to help us in our daily work and play can soon become the ‘OBJECTS … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: NEEDED: AN MD FOR IMMIGRATION CRISIS...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 06/13/14 07:59 AM
How DO we solve the continuing IMMIGRATION PROBLEM...???
No...We don’t need a MEDICAL DOCTOR...but we DO need MD...!!!
We need the wisdom of a mid 19th century doctrine adopted by The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...!!!
The doctrine was called:   MANIFEST DESTINY...!!!
NOW...I have written about this on several of my previous posts...
SIMPLY STATED...The political theorists of the mid 19th Century felt that since a REPUBLIC such as ours in the U.S. offered the other countries of our world the only AUTHENTIC SOLUTION TO A GOVERNMENT where TRUE FREEDOM, RELIGIOUS … (8 comments)

frans friday forum: TEACH US TO PRAY...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 06/06/14 06:01 AM
Prayer is an easy thing to define, but a challenging art to master...!!!
Conversation with God.......That’s probably the simplest definition of prayer...Yet, even Jesus’ closest disciples found it difficult to ‘KNOW HOW TO PRAY’ when they asked The Lord to ‘TEACH US’...Of course we then hear Jesus Himself PRAY THE ‘LORD’S PRAYER’...
In our daily lives we usually default to ‘ASKING GOD TO SUPPLY OUR NEEDS’ and often even squeeze in a few ‘WANTS’...BUT...
The more perfect prayers are ones of PRAISE AND THANKSGIVING...
God loves us JUST THE WAY WE ARE...And that’s reason enough to PRAISE … (6 comments)

frans friday forum: THEY THAT WAIT UPON THE LORD...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 05/30/14 08:09 AM
Yesterday, we celebrated the feast of THE ASCENSION OF OUR LORD...This began the first ‘CHURCH INSPIRED NOVENA’...
What is a ‘NOVENA’ you say...???
A NOVENA is a period of NINE DAYS over which an intention is ‘KEPT IN PRAYER’...
AND, if you remember, The DISCIPLES OF CHRIST were asked by HIM to ‘WAIT UNTIL THE HOLY SPIRIT CAME’...AND SO, they waited prayerfully in the upper room for nine days...after which THE HOLY SPIRIT came upon them...MIGHTILY, I MIGHT ADD...
We refer to this event as PENTECOST...or THE BIRTHDAY OF THE CHURCH...It is better to prayerfully reflect on … (0 comments)

frans friday forum: HAIL...TO THE CLASS OF 2014...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 05/23/14 06:04 AM
If you live in or near Berks County, PA., you may have been deluged last evening with tons of ‘HAILSTONES’...Some the size of nickels, others the size of quarters, golf balls and even larger...!!!
Yes, I have a son graduating High School this year, and I certainly intended to write this post about some advice to the ‘CLASS OF 2014’, but in light of the devastating storms that rumbled through our area last night, I decided to digress from the usual ‘GRAD LINGO’...After all, what hasn’t already been said that is still left to say at most graduation ceremonies...???

frans friday forum: MARRIAGE OR MATRIMONY...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 05/15/14 04:00 PM
As a practicing Roman Catholic I found it necessary to explore the ramifications of the latest political controversy.......So I went about reading as much as I could before reaching any conclusions regarding the legalization of 'SAME SEX MARRIAGE'...
Of course, my initial reactions were, ‘Well, here go the media liberals trumping up yet another nonsensical issue trying to disguise the REAL PROBLEMS in our Society’...Nevertheless, in an attempt to LOVE MY NEIGHBOR AND PRAY FOR MY PERSECUTORS I did my due diligence, and, after prayer and reflection, here are some of the conclusions I reached:
1) It has been unprecedented in former civilized … (10 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...WHAT WE NEED MOST...!!! - 05/02/14 08:55 AM

I was raised a Roman Catholic Italian American, and like it or not, that is where I got my VALUES, VIRTUES, and VICES...
At least, that is where the seeds were planted that helped shape who I am today and how I’ve become who I am...!!!
That is certainly not to blame my parents and grandparents...they gave me the best they had to give...
As I learned later, it was up to me to exert my own FREE WILL to make the choices necessary to follow the path THE LORD had laid out for me...!!!
Enough about … (4 comments)

frans friday forum: SING YOUR WAY TO THE TRUTH...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 04/25/14 08:17 AM
As I get older I try to lengthen the religious Holydays to more than 24 hours...!!!
So it was with this Easter...From the Holy Week services to the traditional family food preparations to trying to fit in my personal prayer time and spiritual reading...there are many distractions that attempt to draw us away from the TRUTH OF EASTER...!!!
One way I have found that helps to keep me focused and ‘GOD CENTERED’ is SINGING, or if you are a ‘JOHNNY ONE NOTE’, at least listening to some spiritually uplifting music...
One of the books I have enjoyed reading … (2 comments)

frans friday forum: Fran's Friday Forum...CLEAN DESK POLICY...??? - 04/11/14 06:43 AM
Rattling around in my brain all week has been a ‘CASUAL’ suggestion made at Old Republic Title’s annual Spring Seminar for agents...!!!
You may be familiar with this suggestion inasmuch as several banks in our area have adopted it as policy...It is often referred to as ‘A CLEAN DESK POLICY’, and it basically is self explanatory...simply put, it means that everyone in the office maintains a desk free of ‘anything except the file one is currently working on’...when they are finished with the file all papers or info pertaining to that file are removed from the top of the desk...thus … (10 comments)

frans friday forum: QUIET TIME WITH THE LORD...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 04/04/14 08:59 AM
While under the weather much of this week, I spent much of my time at home catching up with my reading, Christian programming, and QUIET TIME WITH THE LORD...
Let me say right off, after getting caught up on the latest local and world news, my QUIET TIME WITH THE LORD was the most productive of all activities...
Let me explain...
I think, most would agree, the world is in bad straits...and even the experts can’t agree on solutions anymore...the emotions go from great grief for those inundated by mudslides, to the Malaysian airliner lost for weeks without a clue and … (4 comments)

frans friday forum: EXORCIZING DEMONS...Fran's Friday Forum...!!! - 03/28/14 06:40 AM

So Jesus exhorts His hearers and through His Disciples all who claim to follow Jesus...
EVERY human being is a sinner, so how are we to achieve perfection in light of our innate imperfection...??? Jesus asks us to STRIVE for perfection, knowing full well ‘achievement of perfection’ is nearly impossible...St. Paul says, ’Be imitators of me, as I imitate Christ’...1 COR 11:1
We will not receive a ‘MARK’ or ‘GRADE’ for our life’s work, but make no mistake about it, ALL will be judged...and judged justly...!!!
Someone recently told … (2 comments)

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