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Pat Starnes, Realtor and New Home specialist in Brandon, MS, shares real estate news and current events happening in and around Brandon, Flowood, and the Reservoir area.
Twice in as many days, I've had to slam on the brakes to avoid thoughtless, careless drivers. The first day, my cell phone, file folder, and stack of bills slid onto the floorboard as I dodged driver number ONE, who decided to cross oncoming traffic without yielding. Because I read an uplifting F...
Here's an easy self-promotion tip you might want to implement in your area. My newest listing is in an older development that requires a certain type mailbox with the post painted a specific shade of green. I keep a gallon of paint on hand, and whenever I list a home in this neighborhood, the pos...
So, you want to sell your house. You've spent the last few weeks painting, taking care of deferred maintenance issues, and it's almost showtime! Are you ready? Let's take one more look around the house to be sure your HOUSE is ready...  Is the lawn freshly mowed? Are shrubs free of weeds and flow...
You've heard of The Bridges of Madison County, right? Welcome to The Barns of Rankin County.Truthfully, these photos were taken across several counties within 150 mile radius of Rankin County, but I couldn't pass up the pun. Did you know The Bridges of Madison County was released in 1995?  It's h...
I have a new-found appreciation for caregivers and those in the medical field. Recently a family member was hospitalized and I observed first hand the quality of care that was given to my loved one.  I watched a student nurse cheerfully perform her assigned tasks, eager to learn and willing to he...
If you've moved recently, if you shop online or have frequent deliveries, you probably have a good supply of sturdy boxes. Rather than throw them away, why not consider a green approach? Recycle those boxes. Most municipalities have recycling programs. Rankin County has two drop off locations, on...
This post was inspired by Mike Cooper's post Seller Tips for Showing Homes, from Amelia, My Granddaughter . Mike shared tips that sellers should consider when preparing their home for showings; these items are also important if you have a small child in the home. One of Mike's tips was to keep ca...
Tomorrow is moving day and I'm melancholy. Amidst the moving boxes and chaos, I'm saying farewell to my cozy house on the hill and moving into a recently renovated "new to me" home.  Leaving this home is a little sad. When I bought this house, it had the most hideous wall colors I'd ever seen. It...
Upon awakening, my first course of action is to reach for the coffee. This post might have been entitled "Don't Talk To Me Before I've Had My Coffee!". Most coffee lovers will attest to that statement.Image courtesy of punsayaporn at  As much as I love coffee, I don't drink ...
Castlewoods Country Club recently held their Grand Re-Opening Celebration which was well attended by area residents and avid golfers. The club was purchased  by a group of investors in April 2016 and many improvements have been implemented over the last several months. The public was invited to t...

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