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Pat Starnes, Realtor and New Home specialist in Brandon, MS, shares real estate news and current events happening in and around Brandon, Flowood, and the Reservoir area.
The temperature in Brandon is expected to drop into the low 30s this weekend. Frost is on the way, so it's crunch time to care for the tender outdoor plants.I moved some potted plants indoors, but due to space constraints, I cannot bring them all inside. The ones I can't bring in will either be c...
You've found the home you intend to buy, and your offer has been accepted. Should you go on a spending spree to furnish this dream home??? NO!!!This list should more appropriately be called "What Not to Do Between Contract and Closing". Read on, and call if I can assist you with your home search....
Last night around 11:00 p.m., I had just gone to bed when the county's weather sirens started blaring. My cell phone blasted an emergency alert, and the local news announced a tornado warning. It is an uneasy feeling when your neighborhood and nearest cross street is told to take cover. NOW.I lis...
What Happens to the Earnest Money I Submitted with my Offer? Is the check cashed? Where does the money go? Do I get it back at closing?These are valid questions that buyers ask when purchasing a new home. Where DOES the earnest money go?Earnest money is offered to show the seller you are a SERIOU...
Thanks to Thom Abbott of My Midtown Mojo (Atlanta) for the following "what NOT to do" list when planning to buy a new home.  As Thom said, we do this every day, so it's like second nature to us, but home buyers are not aware of the steps they should take (or avoid) when buying a home. ~Pat This a...
A monstrous sink hole appeared in the IHOP Parking Lot in Meridian, Saturday, November 7th, swallowing 15 vehicles. The investigation by OSHA is still underway.The cavernous sink hole was 360 feet long and 50 feet wide.You may have seen this on the news, but I wanted to share this clip with my Ac...
My seller client and I have a closing scheduled for tomorrow, so we reviewed the settlement statement today. I have reviewed settlement statements on behalf of my clients for years. It's best to review them in advance so any corrections can be made before we arrive at the closing table.I'll verif...
Today is the day my buyer clients have anticipated since we met a few weeks ago.They found me through my website and after a brief "get to know you" visit, we looked at a few homes. This couple knew what they wanted, so it didn't take long to narrow down their search. Oh, sure, there were a coupl...
 Making an offer on a home? You want your offer to be taken seriously, but you also want to buy the property at a fair price. What's a buyer to do? Read on for some sage advice: ~Pat Buyers:  If you Want the House, Let the Offer Show It!   In any market, buyers run the risk of offending a seller ...
Remember the fun you had as a kid challenging your friends to say "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers"?  Sunday, November 8th is INTERNATIONAL TONGUE TWISTER DAY. So, it's time to revisit your favorite childhood tongue twisters and see if you can stump your friends and family with some ...

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