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DID YOU SURVIVE THE "BOMB CYCLONE??"With the 16" of snow that we just got and with the temps now hovering around 0 degrees every day here in Southampton, I must say I am very happy I grew up in Michigan!I spoke to a friend today and she told me how she fared during the "Bomb Cyclone". She lives i...
THE SLEDI had an experience today that made me think, really think!It was an experience that made me feel like I got an answer to a question I have been asking of late: "What can I do that will make me feel less anxious, less fearful of life in general?" I have been feeling at a loss recently as ...
WHEN A FELLOW RAINER LEAVES US...I just went back to read all the comments on the very last post that Lou Ludwig wrote here on AR Maximizing Your Resources To Maximize Your Life...  and I can not help but express my thoughts about the man who wrote a post or 2 or 3 every day here on Activerain!He...
KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MOLD?? ASBESTOS??--I DO, NOW!!I am sharing this story because as informed as I am in real estate and knowing the issues that environmental problems in older homes can be,  I found myself  living a horror story of monumental proportions without knowing what was happening! We al...
BLOGGING IS THE "CHEESE"!!...The "Cheese" To Draw The Public InThis is the third in a series of posts about the importance of blogging to those of us in the real estate profession. We risk losing everything if we don't take the bull by the horns and use the platform of blogging to let the buying ...
HOW TO PERSONALIZE YOUR PITCH...If You Really Want To Win!! After getting featured on several of my past postings regarding "Pitching A Listing" I decided to share with all of you some of the techniques I used on my more successful pitches. One of my most favored posts is:  "PITCHING" AS IF YOUR ...
OUT-WITTING THE ESTABLISHMENT...Now Its Real Estate In Need of Reform!I understand that there are small groups of agents gathering in smaller companies or partnerships offering the care and expertise that is needed by most buyers, in smaller quarters without the din of the busy bullpens found in ...
A MISSING LINK IN REAL ESTATE "BRANDING" ADS?*With a greater need for homeownership amongst qualified first time buyers I am seeing a widening divide between those buyers and large corporate brokerages. Do these brokerages really understand the needs of this buying demographic?...It is beginning ...
 A MEMORIAL DAY MEMORIAL  In 2014 on July 4th weekend I wrote a post that was featured. It was about things to do on a holiday such as the 4th here in the Hamptons...I had someone comment on that post and it was an unforgettable piece of writing---from the heart and soul of a man who valued his ...
DO YOU HAVE A STORY TO TELL?...A Story Can Make Your Marketing Sing!  In 2013, as we began our climb out of the great recession, I wrote the post below. It was a challenge because I was assuming that anyone can write! What an assumption! But, what I found out was that anyone CAN write if they get...

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