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....Grab a chair, turn on your computer and join the one and only place in the world where you can let every one know how you think and feel about this unusal and fascinating profession: Real Estate
THE WEALTH REPORT 2018--A COMPREHENSIVE GLOBAL ANALYSIS I have been with Douglas Elliman in the Hamptons since 2003; since I became part of this company (1993 I began my real estate career at Douglas Elliman in Manhattan) I have seen some pretty phenomenal things happen.We have grown from a Manha...
A "GO TO" GUIDE TO THE HAMPTONS--*PART I:Ever wondered what it would be like to come to the Hamptons and spend a summer or part of a summer in this beautiful and historical summer resort? I would like to supply some information that will solidify your plans to do just that! This is PART I of a se...
NEW AGENT? 5 MORE THINGS YOU MUST DO--PART IIAfter I published Part I of this series of posts, written for the new agent who is looking for help, I heard from several agents who saw it on Linked-In and Google +. It seems that this kind of post may not get many comments but it sure is making it's ...
NEW AGENT? TOP 5 THINGS TO DO NOW--PART 1If you have just begun this wonderful journey into real estate and you have no idea where to begin or what to do as you start this new career, you are not alone!It may seem you are very much alone! There is nothing worse than to study like crazy, pass your...
THE INTERNET "NETHERWORLD"--Good, Bad & Indifferent... The Internet is the All-Seeing eye into our private world and our psyche. It can look into what you want and need and it can see what there is out there to bring "it" to you. It truly is magical and yet can be diabolical as well!This is a re-...
TELL ME A STORY....Not such a new conceptThis is a re-write of a post that I wrote in March of 2013--It was a unique concept 5 years ago because there were no such ideas for the real estate business at the time. I could see the changes headed our way, especially with Zillow rising in power with t...
DISRUPT THE DISRUPTOR...This is the second post in as many days about the things we NEED to do in real estate, given the state of affairs. Please know that we CAN take back our reputations and our professional status from those who want to destroy us!A Disruptor comes along when complacency sets ...
THAT WAS THEN; THIS IS NOW!Today, we are living in a world of fast moving parts.If we can't keep up with the whole pace that we are witnessing as we move further into this new (newer) century, we are doomed to failure....scary thought, no?We need a new way of doing business and marketing ourselve...
WHAT TO DO TO MAKE YOUR HOUSE SELL FASTER FOR MORE $ There are 3 simple things to do to to make sure that you get a fast sale at the highest price possible on your property, no matter where you live: Price it right--and I mean it must be in the range of where the last property sold in your area, ...
SOUTHAMPTON NEW YORK--FOR THE NON-CELEBRITYI have been wanting to write this post for a very long time---The whole celebrity craze out here in the Hamptons has made for another sort of experience for the average person who lives here, and the person who seeks out relaxation and anonymity during t...

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