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Developing a Think Tank ~ Inspiration Series One of my favorite "take-a-ways" from my four days with the John Maxwell team was hearing John speak about what he calls his Think Tank!  Years ago he wisely began collecting thoughts, quotes, advice, stories, jokes, etc. and developed a simple filing ...
Learning How to Think Successfully ~ Inspiration SeriesDo you ever really evaluate how you "think"?  Do you even think about thinking?  Our thoughts really do matter!  What do you spend your time thinking about? We are all learning everyday whether we realize it or not.  Everything we see, hear, ...
Living Intentionally ~ Inspiration Series As we continue through my new series, living intentionally was something that the great leader John Maxwell spoke about in great detail during our conference.  He has a new book coming out this October called Intential Living.  I cannot wait to get my han...
Sunday Blessings ~ Branching Out!This morning as I reflected over my past week, I can truly say that I am blessed beyond measure in so many ways.  After the inspiring week that I spent learning from the top leaders in this country, being inspired to branch out and get out of my comfort zone is th...
Are You Living Your Dream?It is with much anticipation, blood, sweat and tears that I share this post with you!  As of today I am embarking on a new journey!  This journey is most likely a lot like your journey!  A road that is bumpy, full of twists and turns, some pot holes and some times of smo...
The Value of Valuing People!I just returned home from a fantastic, life-changing event with John Maxwell.  I will begin writing a series of posts from the wonderful lessons that I brought home with me.  Join me as we dive into each lesson! John shared this quote right off the bat; "People of valu...
Home Hasn't Sold ~ Seller Has Some Responsibility!A client of one of my agents is upset that their home has not sold.  They claim that it has not been marketed properly, hasn't seen it in the local real estate magazine rag that sits at the car wash and are upset that the showing feedback has been...
Hydration for the Texas HeatThe Texas heat in the summer can be brutal and it can be dangerous!  Waiting until you are thirsty is not advised.  Staying hydrated throughout the day is your best bet during this intense heat.Here are some hydration tips: Upon awakening each day, begin drinking water...
Honey, Sweetie, Sugar ~ Not So Sweet Salutations!This past week I was on the phone with an attorney's office and was speaking to the attorney's assistant. Throughout our conversation she continually referred to me with "Honey", "Sweetie", etc.  As a southern woman my entire life, I still do not g...
Sunday Blessings ~ ThankfulnessAs I ponder the blessings of a Sunday, the word "Thankfulness" came to mind today.  There are so many things that I am truly thankful for and don't ever want to take them for granted.  For today I will focus on those things that I am thankful for.  Being able to wor...

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