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Dangerously Hot Heat Index ~ Ways to Stay Safe!Summer is upon us. For many around the country, the heat index is dangerously high. During these times, it is very important to stay safe.Here are some practical tips to stay safe when the heat index is rising to dangerous levels: Keep a small cooler...
The Mental Fatigue of a Natural DisasterI haven't posted in quite some time as the north Houston area that I live in has been completely inundated by just storm after storm after storm. After the first few storms we all just hunkered down knowing it would all end soon. Unfortunately, the storms h...
Are Self-Limiting Doubts Holding You Back?Have you ever thought about the statements that you say to yourself that are negative and degrading? These are called self-limiting thoughts, doubts or words. They are non-productive and are quite frankly, damaging to you and perhaps to those around you.I...
Dragonflies & DreamsHave you ever really taken a good, close look at a dragonfly? I love the way they hover and buzz around my garden. Last year when I was out preparing my spring garden, I noticed dozens of dragonflies darting all about me.I stood very still and held out my hand. I was actually ...
Historic Rainfall ~Houston 2016 ~ Tips for Flooded Property OwnersAs most of you know, Houston and its surrounding areas have experienced historic rainfall levels this week. We are typically used to major rainfall but this event was what one would expect with a tropical depression or hurricane. T...
A Soldier Died Today! This video was sent to me by a friend and I felt completely compelled to pass this along to you all.  This is one of the most poignant and heartfelt tributes to our men and women who have served this country.  I hope that you are moved to share this as well. As many of our W...
When a Vendor Crosses the Line!This unique situation arose for me this week.  I received a call from a Vendor saying that she had spoken to my client, (the Seller to one of my listings).  She said that she had spoken personally to my client and that he wanted her to reach out to me. At first glan...
Turn Your FEAR into Action!Today I was having a conversation with a fellow real estate agent.  She is desiring to take her business in a new direction. FEAR however, is holding her back. As we were talking, I could just see her wheels turning and how excited she became as she shared her dream wit...
The Art of Selling Large AcreageThere are so many ways to market large acreage tracts of land. From the traditional method of putting up a sign, print media to multiple commercial Internet sites, there really is an art to selling large acreage. With the advent of drones and custom videos, selling...
Ideas & Seeds ~ Time to Plant Them!I love spring, plants, seeds, gardening, etc.  The entire season gives me reminders of new beginnings, renewal, growth, pruning, weeding, tilling the soil and on and on it goes. There are so many lessons in our gardens. Today, I am focusing on seeds.  As a Biolo...

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