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How Does Your Home Smell? Every home has its own, unique smell. Some are pleasant and others are not.  Some smells can overpower such as Plug-In, scented candles or sprays. What does your home smell like?  We all can become immune to the smell of our own home. If you are putting your home on the ...
Hosting a Luxury Listing SoireeMarketing anything that is considered "luxury" requires a little different strategy. For the luxury real estate property, being creative and classy is extremely important. When you want to create that "luxury" buzz, doing things in a unique way is a plus. Hosting a ...
Unique Kitchen Back Splash IdeasTired of seeing the same old tile designs for a kitchen back splash? Why not incorporate something a bit different? Perhaps using a unique design element will be that eye-popping feature that will create a buzz in your home! In this particular home, the owners inco...
Photographing the Luxury Home10 Tips to Make Them Great!All homes being placed on the market deserve great photography. For the luxury real estate market, there are a few additional things to consider when preparing for those important pictures. It's the little things that truly do make a differe...
Finding Your Missing PEACEWhat is going on in your life this very moment? How do you "feel" right now? Be honest and check your heart rate, your stress level, your attitude.Haven't you found that life has become a series of activities, functions, meetings, events and deadlines? As these activitie...
Transform or Conform?Have you ever really thought about these two terms; transform and conform? According to the dictionary, here are the definitions of these terms: Transform - to make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character.Conform - to comply with rules, standards, ...
Preparing Your Home for the PhotographsWe all know the importance of preparing a home to sell. Making sure everything is in top-notch condition and scrubbed clean are very important. There are however, a few more steps to take care of when getting your home ready for the photographer. Pictures ta...
Do Homes Have Their Own Energy Force?I have been doing a lot of research lately regarding the study of energy in humans. We are all energetic beings that radiate out vibrations and frequencies. Our only two organs that are electrically charged are our hearts and our brains. It's rather interestin...
New HEB Store ~ Magnolia, TexasThose of us who live in Magnolia, Texas are super excited about our new HEB Store!  Located right on FM 1488 at the Tamina Rd. intersection, this fantastic new store just opened! If you love shopping at HEB, then hurry on over to this great new location. Today I was...
Wedding Venues ~ Real Estate Opportunities Planning a wedding for yourself or your child? Wedding venues have been a growing trend for several years now. Pick up any bridal magazine and you will find new venues popping up all over the place. As a real estate broker, helping a client find the perf...

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