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  Closings Dec 15-21   Slow activity--not unusual during the December holiday season--but this year is even slower than last year.  The average selling price is higher, but selling time is significantly longer. Expect more activity after the first of the year. If you are interested in the details...
Closings Dec 15-21   Historically, closings are scarce during the December holiday season, but this year activity seems unusually low.  Sales last week were good in Kingston, not so good in Silverdale and Bainbridge.  All four cities are still in a buyer's market. If you are interested in the de...
December 8-14   Market activity is up significantly from last year's slow week. The low average selling price and increased selling time suggest short sale and bank-owned properties.  With a large inventory and very low interest rates, this is still a buyer's market. If you are interested in the...
December 8-14   There was almost no activity this week--exactly 50% off last year at this time. This is clearly the time to buy, with a good inventory of homes and extremely low interest rates.  If you are interested in the details of the home that sold in your neighborhood, email me.           ...
Closed Transactions Dec 1-7   Activity this week was comparable to that last year, but the selling time (from listing date to mutual agreement on a contract) was significantly lower. That indicates that buyers are ready to move quickly when they find their home.  Prices are still below last year...
Closed Transactions Dec 1-7   Compared to this week last year, activity has spiked, especially in Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo and Kingston.  The average selling price in  Kingston is unusually high.   If you're interested in the details of the home that closed in your neighborhood, email me.  To ...
North Kitsap Closings  Nov 16-30   The market is apparently heating up. All markets but Bainbridge showed strong activity, with Kingston and Silverdale leading. Pricing in Silverdale and Poulsbo suggest that the Tax Credit incentive for first-time homebuyers is having  an effect.   If you would ...

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