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Last Week in Review : The Fed remains optimistic but vague, despite concerns and anticipation in the markets! Forecast for the Week : Watch out for the big topics of housing, inflation and employment View : Increase your intelligence and stay mentally active with these 3 tips! Read more Mortgage ...
It's a small world after all." The wild ride over the last few weeks continued again last week, as the US markets danced to the tune of the European debt and economic crisis. Here's what it means to home loan rates here in the US... Mortgage Market Guide MMG 8/22/2011
Look at the list in the article of 26 different criteria that affect your mortgage rate. How can anyone quote you an interest rate you can trust without a thorough knowledge of your unique financial situation? Find out more What's Your Rate?
Last Week in Review: Volatility was the name of the game, with steep selloffs in Stocks and whipsaw trading. How did Bonds and home loan rates fare? Forecast for the Week: With housing news, manufacturing news, and inflation... Mortgage Market Guide MMG Weekly
  FHA 203k Rehab Streamlined loan offered by the Federal Housing Administration can make the difference to homebuyers who don’t have a lot of money for improvements or repairs and don’t have the extra cash to upgrade. FHA 203k Streamline has gained popularity in the foreclosure market due to the ...
Homeowners refinance for different reasons, but the process of refinancing a mortgage should result in some benefit to the homeowner. Borrowers may choose to refinance to obtain a lower interest rate and a lower monthly payment, or change the type of loan that they have. Some homeowners refinance...
What does this mean to you? On Friday, August 5, credit rating agency Standard & Poor's (S&P) downgraded the United States' credit rating one notch from AAA to AA+. Though this was an historic decision, as the United States had held it's AAA rating from S&P since 1941, it wasn't a surprising one....
Despite the implosion of the real estate market, homeownership remains part of the American dream. That dream is a distant reality for most low and moderate-income families. With little or no savings, it is not easy for these families to have the required down payment to purchase a home. Even tho...
Last Week in Review: The record books weren't on summer break last week, between the debt ceiling deal, the Dow Jones plummeting, and home loan rates approaching historic lows. Forecast for the Week: The Fed meets Tuesday, plus... Mortgage Market Guide Weekly (MMG) 8/8/2011
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