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I am a huge fan of hiring professionals for jobs. They know what they are doing. They can get things done much more quickly and efficiently than I can for sure. There are a few things, however, I like to try myself. One of these is working on my own website. So, I have been wearing an additional ...
Here in Georgia, in our contracts for Real Estate, we have a clause that states time is of the essence. What exactly does this mean? We all know time is important, but why is it "of the essence"?Your Dictionary on line says about all this, "When used in a contract, places the other party on notic...
I have been getting my rental property ready for sale over the past month so I have been really looking it over to see what needs to be done. The other day as I was walking through, I noticed several scrapes and scratches on the walls and molding. Ugh, I guess I will need to paint. Then a miracle...
Around these parts, from about mid March through June is our Spring market. Many homes come on the market and sell. The reason? School is out in May, so people are trying to sell and move once the kids are out of school and be in their new home before school starts August 1st. Spring market reall...
I went on two listing appointments last week, within 24 hours of each other. Both Sellers want to sell and move locally. I sold the home to the first seller and I spoke to the other seller 3 years ago about selling. Other than the interest in selling, there were very few similarities between the ...
I love photo contests put on by ActiveRain! Folks here always have really cool pictures to share, so, here is my entry into the latest ActiveRain Photography contest in the category of Real Life / Travel Places.During the last 10 days of September I traveled to Nova Scotia with my photographt clu...
You are almost there! The home that you are about to purchase, the one with the white picket fence, is almost yours. You have negotiated a good and fair price and the seller has agreed to fix up a few things that your home inspector found. You are now ready to go to the closing table, right? Not ...
Ihave decided to sell a rental property I have owned for about 3 years. The timing for the sale is right. My wife and I bought it for our daughter to live in while she was in school. The interesting part for me now is I am going through what I tell my selling clients to do.So, we power washed the...
Some of the things that tend to get under my skin are negotiations that get down to the nickles and dimes. For instance, a Buyer and Seller arguing over a $50 rug, or a small $100 mirror, or who gets an ancient DVD player. Ugh.I get that a dollar in your pocket is better than a dollar in someone ...
In case you have not heard, the south has been pummeled by storms recently. Texas and Louisiana dealt with Harvy and Florida and Georgia got tossed around by Irma. Millions of people are still without power and are suffering great losses. My heart goes out to them. But I am not blogging about the...

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