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In the real estate business there are certainly good times and bad. I have seen deals go "Smooth as a fresh jar of Skippy", and others, well, not so much. The lesson I have learned is that there are some things completely outside of the agent's or client's control that can wreck a deal. The best ...
Sometimes when talking to older clients, I find that for them, staying in their home is their best bet. This can only be accomplished, though, if the right support system is in place for this individual. Some of the most heart breaking things I have seen is when someone has finally reached the po...
Did you know that Real Estate business runs in cycles? Not just one, but several different cycles. The short cycles are what we call the Spring and Fall markets. In the Spring, buyers and sellers hit the market running. It turns into a frenzy. In the Fall we see a pick up as well, just not as cra...
The Internet. The Interwebs. The Grid. The Net. What in the world would we do without this amazing connective roadway that allows us to visit every corner of this world? Well, for me, I piggyback on the neighbor's wi fi. You see, the office internet provider went dark yesterday afternoon and we h...
I have noticed recently that when I pull up a list of homes for sale in a neighborhood, more than 2/3 of them have had their prices reduced at least once. This is more than I normally see. We also still have homes that sell in hours at list price. Why the price reductions in a hot market? Are the...
Sometimes things come together perfectly. I listed a townhome this week and within 2 hours we had our first of three offers. I was still putting up photos and working on additional marketing materials. The agent who sent me the offer told me that she had a client who has been watching the neighbo...
I went to preview 2 homes today. That means I went to look at homes without a client with me. Why, you might ask? Well, I'm glad you did. This is why...These homes were very similar to a home that I have listed. They are not in the immediate area as my listing, but if I were a buyer, I would incl...
If you have been in Real Estate as an agent for any time at all, you will have amassed plenty of material to write a book. I just might someday. In that book will be chapters on wonderful people that I have met and helped buy and sell homes over the years. Thankfully this will be the majority of ...
 The above picture was taken by me the other day as I sat waiting for a green light. These clouds were really weird looking. They were all bumpy and looked like the end was near. So, I took the picture just in case they meant my end was near. People looking at my phone afterwards would nod grimly...
I like genealogy. I have tracked my family and my wife's family back quite a ways. Recently, I had 2 different companies analyze my DNA and the results are in. I found out that I am 1.1 % Neanderthal. Really?This would explain a few things. Did you know the normal level is about double this amoun...

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