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Some real estate agents consider themselves sales people. Fewer of us think of ourselves as educators. I tend to live in the educator camp. The things in this business that tend to stop me in my tracks are the things I thought everyone knew. Have you ever mentioned something to a client and watch...
Yesterday was a very good day. It was a great one for my clients who sold their home in the morning, and closed on their new home that afternoon. It was a great day for the buyers in the morning and the sellers in the afternoon. It was a great day for all the agents involved as well. At the end o...
I like this quote. I would love to tell you that it was from some obscure book I read or from some great person from the past, but no, it is from a line spoken by Sheldon's mother on a past show of Big Bang Theory.In essence, there is some one for everyone out there. There is also a buyer for eve...
 I find it very interesting when someone asks me why a particular property is priced the way it is. Much goes in to the value of a property. Things like location, condition, special features. Other things the owner may value but others will be unwilling to pay for are the special rose bush in the...
Investors. I am really sick of them at the moment. If I never have to deal with another one ever, I will be happy. If you are not aware, there is a game that investors have been playing and I believe that someone is going to get sued over it.Here is how it works. You have a listing for sale and a...
Several things have popped up on my radar in the last several days that involved communication, or the lack thereof. The Real Estate business is one where good communication skills are so important. Without these skills, you can find your deal falling apart, and not even knowing why.I sent an ema...
We have a pretty exciting seller's market in the Atlanta area. It's exciting for the sellers...not so much for the buyers. In certain price ranges homes languish on the market for days. Not weeks, days. Desirable homes at the right price are selling for more than list within days of hitting the m...
Sometimes we have crossed all the "T's" and dotted every "I", yet things still fall apart. Here in the Atlanta area, as with many other parts of the country, we are experiencing a "Seller's Market". This means that there are more buyers vying for fewer properties. This can cause multiple offer si...
I have a client that called me the other day with the news that they wanted me to list their home, and they had the buyer already! Great, I said! I am always leery of done deals because they really aren't, until they are!The expected buyer had off-handedly suggested a sales price and my clients h...
Saturday afternoon was spent doing a final walk through with some buyer clients. Usually these take me about half an hour. This one took 2 hours! But it was well worth it.I met my clients at the house and we walked through checking the repairs and the house in general. Things looked great and as ...

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