pullman: Getting Ready for the Home Inspection - 07/11/12 12:39 PM
Congratulations!  You have an offer on your home and the inspection date and time have been set.  Now, let’s try to make this work as easily as possible for everyone and have an inspection process that helps you get to a successful closing.
First, let’s take care of some basic maintenance issues that might distract from the inspection:
·         Have you changed the furnace filter recently?  A dirty filter will be mentioned in the report and causes the buyer to question other issues like the ductwork and cleanliness.
·         Are all the light bulbs working?  Test your interior and … (19 comments)

pullman: Flashing - 10/02/10 01:46 AM
A primary source of roof leaks doesn't actually invovle the roof covering but the flashing. Unfortunately, flashing is one of the easiest items on the roof to incorrectly install. It's not that the parts are that complex - they're not. The manufacturers have made them easy to install. And, properly installed, the flashing is nearly leak-proof when installed on a simple roof.
However, there are very few simple roofs. Examples of simple roofs are dog houses and small outdoor sheds. Rarely will you find a plumbing vent stack, chimney, fan vent, valley, side wall projecting above the roof, etc. on a … (3 comments)

pullman: Thinking About Building a Custom Home? - 02/14/09 01:18 AM
My friend, Lori Cofer, just posted an article on her blog about custom home building and the advantages of including a Realtor in the process.
I got me to thinking (which is preferable to cleaning the garage which is what I am supposed to do this morning - thank goodness I'm working this afternoon!) about my experiences on custom homes.
Unfortunately, my experience has come as an expert witness in litigation against builders.  As a home inspector that also has code experience and credentials, combined with a small community, there are a limited number of readily available experts.
My first experience … (5 comments)

pullman: FPE Panels seen on Infrared - 02/13/09 11:01 AM
FPE can't hide from Infrared!
Following up on my discussion of FPE panels earlier, here are some infrared pictures from a home I did on Wednesday.  It was a big house, built in 1980 with 5000sf on three levels and FOUR (4!) Federal Pacific Electric panels installed.  Four in a week is a bad week for panels.  Four in one house....
To look at them, not much was happening - there were some double-taps but that's not exclusively a problem to FPE.  Here's the picture of one of the panels.  The double-taps are in the lower righthand corner.  The sheathing isn't … (11 comments)

pullman: Just What Industry Are We In? - 02/09/09 11:04 AM
The title of the post and the question itself probably seem a bit silly.  Everybody here on AR is in the same business whether they're a Realtor, Inspector, Mortgage Broker, Stager.  Quite often though I see people confuse industry with job. A good example was this last Friday.
I was taken by surprise during one of my inspections Friday, of a Clarkston WA house. I had an exchange with a Realtor from Lewiston ID that went something like this:
Inspector:  So, have you been keeping tracks of the changes in the home inspection side of things?
Realtor:  No.  Why should I pay attention to your … (8 comments)

pullman: For Pullman Realtors and Home Buyers - 02/05/09 03:20 AM
Pullman Inspector Comparison
As you know, the State of Washington just recently established a new regulation that each agency must provide a written policy for referring home inspectors.   I thought that the above chart might help in determining the standards you set in the policy. 
Obviously my information is complete but you might find that it makes it easier to build your referral list with chart similar to the one above.  I have tried to provide accurate information for the other inspectors but I have a few blanks.
Feel free to adapt the above if it is useful.  I do ask … (2 comments)

pullman: "We Don't Need Gutters" - 01/21/09 03:57 AM
In addition to being a home inspector, I am also an infrared thermographer - the two don't always meet in the middle - and I have been keeping busy checking on wet basements for the last two weeks.
As many of you know, the Pacific Northwest has been getting hammered by snow.  That has caused all sorts of hazards on the roads and roof collapses and several deaths - one when the snow on a roof slide off and buried an elderly lady on her sidewalk.
But what you may not know is that we also had a brief warming trend, … (5 comments)

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