The topic of the 700 MHz FCC wireless spectrum auction that began on January 24, 2008 has stirred up much controversy.  The FCC recently canceled the meeting where the vote was to take place on the free internet plan, wherein it would decide if it should auction off 25 megahertz of wireless spect...
Recently a shareholder with 1.5 percent of Yahoo Inc., Ivory Investment Management LP, has suggested the company sell its search business to Microsoft, suggesting the business venture has the potential to double the value of Yahoo.  Ivory Investment proposed via letter to Yahoo's board that revis...
Could license plates be on their way to cyberspace?  With so many online privacy issues occurring today and tensions, running high on the controversial issue, a government and technology industry panel on cyber-security measures is suggesting that moving away from passwords may be the solution to...
YouTube is consistently evolving and increasing in popularity, with users watching longer videos.  While some users enjoy broadcasting themselves, there are even more who prefer to simply watch others broadcast.  The view-only users may be sharing more than they are aware of, as their information...
Facebook masses an incredible 120 million members worldwide, making it the largest social networking site on the World Wide Web.  The latest feature venture by the company is causing quite the stir; its name is Facebook Connect.  Through Facebook Connect, Facebook will allow users to log onto oth...
As the internet and technology continue to change virtually every second, it becomes increasingly difficult to follow what every company is doing.  That is, unless you are Google.  When you find yourself at the top, you also find yourself involved in situations that can become cumbersome. Current...

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