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This week Panera Bread, the national franchise website was hacked. Names, addresses (email and physical), birthdays and credit cards were being leaked onto the internet. In total, it appears more than 7 million online accounts were impacted. Couple week prior, Facebook Cambridge Analytica data mi...
Cloudflare just launched focusing on your privacy online and speed in mind.Just tested this guys and works great.Read full article here
Reblogging Renowned Seo Expert Mimi Foster's content Please don't be misled to believe that I am any kind of techie. I know enough to get around, and probably enough to be dangerous. But here's something simple that I do know - how to see if a post on your website has been indexed by Google. Sinc...
Reblog True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new. - Antoine de Saint-Exupery   Relish everything that's inside of you, the imperfections, the darkness, the richness and light and everything. And that makes for a full life. - Anthony Hopkins   The questi...
Reblogging this Can I Get Seller/Buyer Leads Without Upfront Fees?One of my favorites is of course ActiveRain! Are you dancing in the Rain yet? If NOT, why not?Some list to last, some only work with buyers and some do both. Whatever your business model is, you MUST market to potential buyers and ...
Below you will find some charts and todays video from SemRush on today's business owner websites.Over 1000 websites audited and here is the findings across the US  
Just Reblogging this! After fighting a good fight and trying to go buyers only, I have given up. I have realized I am as good at doing listings and therefore I will. So the door was opened and I upped my game for the newest listing. Listed today, 2 Beacon Hill Drive, South Barrington, for $1,779,...
Great Work Corinne! I had to reblog this in case someone has an IDX they are not happy with. This is meant to be a short post, and it's just a quick update on my switch out of one IDX to another. To say I am ecstatic is the understatment. Change after 10 years was a risk but I was willing to take...
Over 90% of Agents Don't have Proper Content Silo Structure and are not ranking their Real Estate Keyword Cities, Communities and IXD Feed. See Graph Below. You may need a site check up on your structure. 
This is a refresher course on SEO from Bob Stewart who is one of the Evangelists here on ActiveRain. Even though it's from 2015 it's still has a good foundation.

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