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As a Real Estate Agent I welcome referrals and people relocating to Dallas Fort Worth.
©Musings by Patricia Feager, 4/25/2017 In the book "Eat, Pray & Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert she references people to "Soul Mates." As she poignantly explains the perception of what people think is a "Soul Mate," may not be what we imagine they should be, or perhaps they are in love in the beginnin...
©Patricia Feager, 4/24/2017  The temperatures in Dallas on Friday, 4/24/17 was 86 degrees but the ice was nice at the Dallas Galleria. Shoppers were mingling, people were taking brisk walks, some folks were sitting at cafe tables on the main floor; others like myself were hanging over the balcony...
  Good Morning! I captured this photo in my neighborhood on Saturday 4/22/17. The bird was sitting on top my neighbor's house. Using Ribbet I edited the photo to appear more mystical. The size of the bird on top of the 2-story house was pretty enormous. In the grand scheme of things how big is bi...
©Patricia Feager, 4/22/2017 One of the best incentives to being a Member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS© is that it offers excellent certification programs such as At Home With Diversity®. As a result of taking the class on Friday, April 21, 2017, I was able to appreciate diversity even ...
©By Patricia Feager, 4/22/2017  RELOCATIONMany people relocate to the DFW area because of jobs and diverse cultural and business opportunities in the global real estate environment. Relocation Companies and local Real Estate Agents are very instrumental in making the transition to Texas. DFW is o...
By ©Patricia Feager, 4/20/2017COLORAfter 14 years in the business of selling houses, the number one thing clients say to me when they are interested in potentially buying a house is I would change the color. It doesn't mean color is a show stopper, and it doesn't mean they don't like a particular...
 UNDER CONTRACT1713 MEYERWOOD LANE SOUTHFLOWER MOUND, TX 75028 The countdown to closing begins effective 4/19/2017. An offer brings joy to sellers. Acceptance is even better. There are many parts of a home sale and everyone has to cooperate to make things work. It's a team effort, no matter how y...
©Patricia Feager, 4/19/2017 "Here's the challenge: Share 3 strategies, tips or ideas that increase the chances your offers are noticed and accepted. Get creative and don't be afraid to share a little secret or two. We are kindred spirits and have shared before. This will help all of us..." Debbie...
©An AR Contest - What's My Niche? by Patricia Feager, 4/16/2017 One of the many reasons why I love ActiveRain and its membership is because I am consistently challenged to think differently about everything from business concepts to personal issues. This month's challenge is by Evelyn Johnston - ...
  For Sale - 1713 Meyerwood LN SFlower Mound, TX 75028 Open House at 1713 Meyerwood LN S on Saturday, April 15, 2017.  Flower Mound is located in close proximity to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in North Dallas, Texas. Surrounding citie...

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Selling Homes Changing Lives
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