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As a Real Estate Agent I welcome referrals and people relocating to Dallas Fort Worth.
Musings May 21, 2017 History pages begin with one moment in time that changes lives forever. It's hard to believe now that I once climbed the Swiss Alps taking one step at a time to achieve the summit. What set the pace? DETERMINATIONAs you go through life with determination you can achieve anyth...
Musings by Patricia Feager, 5/21/2017  RISK MANAGEMENTSomething you don't see everyday is buffalo. I shot this photo on Friday evening, May 19, 2017. I just left my clients who were driving their own car from a property we saw in Justin, Texas. One of her final words to me before we went our sepa...
Musings by Patricia Feager  After a wet and windy spring, this is the result of my annual manual labor in my Flower Mound garden. I enjoy planting and adding something new every year. The flowers in the top left was a complete surprise! When I planted it into the earth, there were no buds or flow...
Musings by Patricia 5/16/2017 Moving doesn't have to be that hard if you think about it as it as part of the journey - it's the cycle of life. I created a chart that describes Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs with visuals as a reminder of how one move, one house, one change can make a positive impact ...
©Musings by Patricia Feager, 5/14/2017 A mother's womb is a vessle, just a vehicle to transport life into the world. There is no greater closeness than an infant to their mother after birth. A mother's body adapts and instinctively knows more than she thought she did and graduates to Motherhood o...
Musings by Patricia Feager     I think it's interesting how the mind sees something as simple, as a single feather, floating on the surface of the water and it triggers memories of long ago. This is how the story goes. It began innocently enough, purely out of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge...
by ©Patricia Feager 5/8/2017 In the land of texting is talking becoming a lost art? The forgotten skill?Personal CommunicationWhat impact does texting have on loved ones and friends?  Body language is missing People can be misunderstood There could be wrong interpretation Absence of voice recogni...
by ©Patricia Feager, 5/7/2017  Artscape at the Dallas Arboretum was wonderful. The gardens were literally dripping in color! I saw these vendors selling their wares and couldn't resist - I had to take a photograph.  Interesting people are creative and they brighten up our world. Their fascination...
©by Patricia Feager 5/6/2017  Evening Primrose  I enjoy an evening walk through the Primrose Trails of Flower Mound, TX. When new, the blossoms are white and turn pink with age. Can you imagine a world where people were born one color; then turned pink with age? Diversity is an interesting concep...
by  There's a great new Restaurant in Flower Mound called "First Watch." In my opinion, it's one of the best new restaurants in the area located near the corner of Morris Road and FM 407/Justin Road. See their website for menu features: Not only is the coffee, juice, and food ...

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Selling Homes Changing Lives
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