patricia feager: RAIN - Seven Days and Seven Nights - 02/24/18 06:14 AM
Author: Patricia Feager, 2/24/2018
"Rain is grace, rain is the sky descending to the earth; 
without the rain, there would be no earth."
--- John Updike
Flower Mound, TX is having unusual weather. I have not seen so much rain since I left Maine while living and working there during the late 80's and early 90's. February started out cold and dreary. By now, I should be seeing signs of spring but I wonder, will my St. Augustine Grass come back or will the rain change my landscape? Because of soil conditions in North Texas, … (19 comments)

patricia feager: TX Reverse Mortgage - Yay! Nay! or It Depends - 02/23/18 10:14 AM
Author: Patricia Feager, 2/23/2018
Any homeowner over the age of 62 may be eligible for a Reverse Mortgage. Eligible homeowners may be anyone who qualifies "for little or no mortgage debt." The temptation to apply for a Reverse Mortgage may include owners who are "promised an upfront payout with no obligation to repay the loan."
Before screaming out loud "Hooray!" let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages. 
Generally speaking, repayment of these loans is not required as long as home is occupied by borrower.  
Seniors 62+ can have play money to enjoy retirement.  
Borrowers who pass away or permanently leave … (44 comments)

patricia feager: Millenials - What Are the Benefits of Home-Ownership? - 02/21/18 07:19 AM
Author: Patricia Feager, 2/21/2018
5 good reasons why Millenials ages 18 - 34 should starting thinking about the benefits of their own home-ownership:

Your home is YOUR world
Your monthly payments grows equity, not your landlords or your parents
*Your payment stays constantThe only thing that can change is taxes and home insurance
Your home is YOUR creation You choose the colors You can make technology work for you to make your home comfortable You can take on your own home improvements without approval Note - If you move to an HOA, there may be restrictions
You are … (21 comments)

patricia feager: Local Events for Dallas, TX - February - April 2018 - 02/19/18 08:41 AM
Author: Patricia Feager, 2/19/2018
Dallas Blooms - A World of Flowers
(February 24 - April 8)
Everyone is anxious for spring (squirrels too!) and there is no better place to be in North Texas to welcome Dallas Blooms than at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens the weeks of February 24 through April 8, 2018. For additional information about the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens visit their website by clicking here. 
The photos in my blog post were shot on location at the Dallas Arboretum in February, 2017. As a spring baby, I have been a flower lover since the day I was born. My grandmother took me into … (16 comments)

patricia feager: How To Simplify Spring Cleaning Projects - 02/16/18 06:34 AM
Author: Patricia Feager, 2/16/2018
Spring begins March 20 and ends on June 21, 2018.
Organize your spring cleaning into two steps:
Who are you going to call? What can you do everyday for 32 days?  
Now is the time to shop prices and start scheduling appointments in advance to hire reputable companies. Examples may include: 
Hard Wired Smoke Detectors Central A/C Maintenace Roof Inspection Dryer Vent Cleaning Gutter Cleaning Window Washing Water Heater Inspection Termite and Pest Inspectors Landscapers Painters  
Count the … (20 comments)

patricia feager: A Very Special Delivery Came to Patricia Feager - 02/14/18 08:25 PM
 Delivered to LinkIN on 2/14/2018
I couldn't have asked for a more special delivery on Valentine's Day!
Patricia Feager  
Dionne Rashad, MPM, MHRM
Program Manager at Ocwen Financial Corportion - US

In the purchase of our second home, we selected Patricia to be our realtor. It was the most amazing experience. She took the time to understand what we were looking for in another home. Patricia takes her role with a high level of passion, integrity and professionalism. She knew how to stage our home. Her pictures assisted in us getting an offer in 8 days. Patricia was phenomenal in the purchase of the new home.
If … (13 comments)

patricia feager: So You Think Property is For Sale but it's Not - Part 2 - 02/13/18 09:22 AM
Author: Patricia Feager, 2/13/2018
In a recent post So You Think Property is For Sale but it's Not many agents from throughout the United States shared the same concerns. To the consumers, here's my best shot at providing an explanation as to why you contact  your own Local Real Estate Agent for the correct information. 
First, I want to convey to you, agents need other licensed agents. We work together as a team with other agents, the Title Company, Lenders, Attorneys too! We depend on reputable resources. We are licensed by our state; some agents are licensed in multiple states. We have rules and regulations … (9 comments)

patricia feager: 2018 Market Update for Area 41, Denton County, Texas - 02/12/18 02:29 PM
Author: Patricia Feager, 2/12/2018
The landscape for Area 41, Denton County, is a tapestry of approximately 780, 612 people, an array of architectural styles, a variety of price ranges, thriving business owners, neighborhood communities, great schools, restaurant diversity, and when you throw in a few peacocks, donkeys, bulls, and horses, it's just a nice place to live and call home. 
Something most people want to know is, "How's the market?" 2017 was one of the strongest markets we have experienced with housing price increases. While many sellers did and will continue to get multiple offers, there's no guarantee it will happen for everyone. Being … (6 comments)

patricia feager: The Yearly Real Estate Olympics - 02/10/18 05:20 AM
Author: Patricia Feager 2/10/2018
In the mindset of the Olympians, “mindset and preparations start long before the actual competition.” But there is an old Chinese proverb: There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same.”
If the power to succeed is to stay focused, then why aren't more people successful, and if success is achieved why doesn’t it last forever? Is there a myth about focus that many don’t know? There is an old book called “The Seven Story Mountain, by Thomas Merton. In it, the author wrote: “Success – the logic of worldly success rests … (20 comments)

patricia feager: Q & A on Water Consumption - 02/07/18 06:12 PM
Author: Patricia Feager, 2/7/2018
What household chore requires at minimum 27 to 41 gallons of water?
Where can 1.3 to 7 gallons of water or more go on a daily basis?
What do you do on a regular basis using ~ 22 gallons of water  per person?

Depending on size, how far can 94 gallons of water go?
Before I give you the answers, did you know that in the State of Texas that by the year 2060 the population is expected to double and there will be significant water shortages in all parts of the state of Texas? What will happen to … (6 comments)

patricia feager: Stigmatized Is Filled With Dirty Words - Austin Is Not Weird - 02/07/18 10:07 AM
Author: Patricia Feager, 2/7/2018
While meeting up with other AR Bloggers and Agents from across the country this past Monday, I met a CRS, GRI lady from Austin named Carrie Weikert from Coldwell Banker. Although, I wasn't in direct conversation with her, I overheard part of the conversation and what she said got my attention! You see, to many people who aren't from Carrie's city, Austin is often referred to as weird, as in the phrase, "Keep Austin Weird!" Although I don't know how the conversation started or what the exact words were used, my immediate reaction was she took offense, and … (6 comments)

patricia feager: For Better Not Worse Love is Great & Real Estate - 02/02/18 06:45 AM
Author: Patricia Feager, 2/2/2018
For AR Contest Love Is In the Air - Lisa Von Domek 
There are real estate transactions you remember, ones you forget, and rare ones that you can never forget. This is the story of love and how my business relationship evolved with one couple.
In the Beginning
It all began with a listing before TEXT messaging. An Agent called wanting to show but wasn't familiar with Flower Mound. She asked me if I would show my listing to her clients. I agreed; however, the problem is it was one of those spring thunderstorms that would make most people hide indoors. The prospective … (23 comments)

patricia feager: Real Estate Love Stories on ActiveRain - 02/01/18 08:20 AM
Author: Patricia Feager, 2/1/2018
Entry #1 for February AR Contest for Lisa Von Domek 
There is no question that children see, hear, touch, smell, taste, feel, and think a lot. Their brains are always concocting ideas, saying things out loud, and expressing how they feel. Plus, they are eager to learn. As a mother, grandmother, and Real Estate Salesperson, my favorite observers are children under five years old.
I love working with buyers who have small children. Kids say the stillest things and they are clever too! When working with Buyers that include family, parents have major decisions to make for location, schools, budgeting, needs, and wants. … (30 comments)

patricia feager: Sky Blue or Pink or Orange or Black - It's all BEAUTIFUL! - 01/31/18 07:26 AM
Author: Patricia Feager, 1/31/2018
Last night's sky in Flower Mound was simply heavenly! These photos were taken outside my back door where my kitchen had a warm glow inside. I opened the door! Took in a deep breath and watched the sky paint a canvas of beauty right before my very eyes. I must have taken a dozen photos or more but these seem to capture the moment most creatively for me.
You'll never know how thankful I am for the blue skies and sunsets over Flower Mound, TX. The colors stir up emotion and it fills my heart with love. Keeping an … (22 comments)

patricia feager: Profile of Tammy Lankford, Putnam County, Georgia - 01/30/18 03:41 PM
Author: Patricia Feager, 1/30/2018
Profile of Tammy Lankford, 
Tammy was born and raised in Putnam County which is one of counties that borders Lake Sinclair in Georgia. Parents should know that one day their children will grow up and leave them, but they never really leave a place they love. Part of what they learn, they take with them, and teach others new skills. Tammy learned to follow her parent’s example. She learned survival skills, such as, how to problem solve, discipline, patience, and self-respect. Tammy never settles for less. 
A long, long time ago, she decided it is important to know about relationships without depending … (20 comments)

patricia feager: Advantages of Home Ownership - 01/28/18 08:54 PM
Patricia Feager, REALTOR®
2900 W Southlake BLVD #180
Southlake, TX 76092
Contact Me: 
You can make more choices about what you want You can change your locks You can be the king or queen of your own castle You can learn to problem solve You can make decisions without having to ask a Landlord You can begin to appreciate that your dreams can come true You can create by using your imagination You can learn to be thrifty and become a smarter consumer You can be responsible for your mistakes You can change something if you don't like … (20 comments)

patricia feager: Bridlewood Farms in Flower Mound, TX - 01/27/18 07:07 PM
Bridlewood Farms in Flower Mound is a lovely established subdivision. Besides horses and custom homes, prospective buyers who love to golf will enjoy Bridlewood Golf Club designed by D. A. Weibring, a five time winner on the PGA Tour. Beautiful to look at fairways surrounding each green, rolling terrain, grass swales, and a balance of challenging holes keeps golfers on the Golf Course experiencing a complete golf experience that is truly enjoyable.
The course begins at 4000 W Windsor Drive off of FM 1171. Check their website for bookings as they have many corporate outings and charitable events. Here … (9 comments)

patricia feager: The Secret Life of ActiveRain Bloggers - 01/26/18 12:25 AM

I thought a lot lately about what makes ActiveRain so unique. I can sum it up in one word: Membership. When you think about it, members have written more than a million (perhaps a billion) words and shared so much more than just real estate news. These are personal blog stories and life experiences of REAL PEOPLE. This is not fiction. It is a compilation of  events, news stories, information, education, inspiration, and articles by people in the Real Estate Industry who have lived and some who have died. Their words are now … (41 comments)

patricia feager: Highland Village, TX Balloon Festival 2018 - 01/25/18 09:34 PM
An occasional annual event that occurs near Flower Mound, TX, bordering the City of Highland Village, surrounded by Lantana, Copper Canyon, and Double Oak is the Highland Village Balloon Festival. This Fall it will be held on August 17-19, 2018. 
Although the event is planned, balloon launching is always subject to weather conditions. Over the years we have had some terrific balloon launchings and at other times attendees just enjoyed the camaraderie of neighbors and friends. You can always make friends in Highland Village/Flower Mound and other neighboring communities where the smiles are always friendly and warm. It's a great … (13 comments)

patricia feager: About Timber Creek in Flower Mound, TX - 01/22/18 04:59 AM
There are many reasons why people like to live in the Timber Creek subdivision of Flower Mound, TX in Denton County. There are multi-use trails, playground, picnic tables, tennis courts, and neighborhood homes. In addition to multiple pre-schools, there is Timber Creek Elementary and Lamar Middle School. 
Click on the map for Timber Creek or if the link doesn't work, you can see this corner of Flower Mound's world closer below
Kids may walk through the trails around Duck Pond to get to school. They love to explore and see the ducks at Duck Pond and imagine what kind of people  animals, reptiles, and … (8 comments)

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