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Want to Know More About Seller Financing and How it Can Help Your Client? I am extending an invitation to you - the real estate agent!  Particularly if you are a seller's agent, this invitation involves information you may find valuable when it comes to helping your clients sell their property. W...
Preventing the Likes of the Tucson Tragedy Throughout history, we see the same thing happening again and again.  Gun violence erupted in Columbine High School, the Washington D.C. area, Virginia Tech...and now Tucson, Arizona.  There have been countless other incidents of gun violence in the Unit...
What Information Do You Need to Provide if You Want to Sell Your Private Real Estate Note? If you are receiving payments from a private real estate note and you wish you could have more of your money upfront, the good news is you can!  When you sold your property and agreed to carry back the fina...
Looking for New Friends and Experiences in the Junction City, KS Area? Whether you are new to the area or you have lived here for quite some time, making new friends and exploring the activities available to you could be as easy as joining Prairie Fire Meetup at!  In case you are u...
Collecting Rain Drops At some point last year, I began collecting rain drops.  No, these are not the rain drops that fall from the sky!  I'm talking about the Rain Drops that fall into my email inbox on a daily basis.  The ActiveRain community produces quite a downpour each day and some of that f...
What Are You Doing to Accomplish Your New Year's Resolution? The statistics vary when it comes to abandoned New Year's Resolutions, but the general report is that most people lose focus on their New Year's Resolution by the end of January.  That is disappointing!  Why is the success rate for New ...
Do You Wish You Had Not Offered Seller Financing? The decision to seller finance may not have been your original plan, but doing so got your property sold!  You may have had a tough time selling your home, commercial property, or land through conventional financing and as a result, agreeing to se...
A Peaceful Walk in the Kansas Snow In some parts of the United States, snow is common and abundant during the Winter months.  Winter in Kansas is cold, but measurable snow is not as prevalent and long-lasting as it is in other areas of the country.  When the conditions are just right, the Sunflow...
Does Money Equal Happiness? It's probably safe to say that most people wish they had more money.  Or maybe I should say most people in the United States wish they had more money!  Monetary wealth is valued differently throughout the world so maybe my statement is an overgeneralization.  Neverthel...
10 Real Estate Topics for a Squidoo Lens - Part 10 If you missed the previous posts in this 10-part series, you may want to begin with Part-1 if you are unfamiliar with Squidoo.  Each post in this series features a different idea for a real estate-oriented topic to present through a Squidoo lens....

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