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When people make comments to me about the current market conditions, I smile and tell them that I nevermind the little things ;-) I'm always thinking positive and trying my best not to let anyone or anything define my success in whatever it is that I choose to do. I always think from a mindset of...
Something happend this weekend that really bugs me. I listed a home, AS-IS. The home is in good shape just needs updating. The comps in the area are good. AS-IS homes in my clients condition are flying off the market at 75k easy. Complete rehabs wanting a quick sale fly off at 125k in 2 weeks and...
Yesterday I made a stop to the health food store to buy some raw honey. I picked up a couple of books on juicing as well. As I approached the checkout counter, I saw the store owner speaking with one of the customers, well she was the only other customer in the store besides me. As I walked close...
I've never been the suit type of girl really. From time to time, I'll wear one but my regular attire is just me. I do not want to create any illusions for my clients. I give them the real deal. I know from my own experiences that when I see someone coming towards me with a suit, I just think "sna...

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