photography: Canon 550D T2i - Sweet Video and Photo Quality! - 05/24/10 09:52 AM
Regarding the Canon 550D T2i, the successor to the T1i, I have to say, the quality of the video is sweet as was expected from the samples and reviews online, but what really surprised me was the out-of-the-box quality of the photography. I mean using the Canon kit lens that comes with the T2i. Head-to-head with lenses in the $1,000 and up class, The difference was very slight. Nothing beats the clarity and depth of field possible with a 1.8 aperture lens using thousand dollar glass but once you stop looking side by side, the results of the camera are stunning … (2 comments)

photography: Those Photos Taken AT ISO 1600 Giving You The Blues? - 01/22/10 09:18 AM
Anything but. ISO 1600 does a great job of getting those shots in very low light but you seem to get everything but the proper balance of color. Reds and Golds dominate every shot taken at higher speed ISO. You'll need photoshop or Gimp (free open source photoshop equivalent) to adjust those colors and the hidden information in your shots. I wrote an article on my fun blog that details this a little more but here is the basic before and after sample.

The full article is at
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photography: Layers On A House - Light Up The Dark With Photoshop - 12/28/09 05:05 PM
First, I'll clear the air on expense. Photoshop is expensive and may not be worth the $500 or so for the program so you can make a house look nicer. Don't buy something you can't justify. Get the free version. 

Gimp, the opensource clone of Photoshop will do everything I'm discussing here. Don't let the name fool you. It's a full featured photo editor.
I have a photo of a house here that has the front in the shade- the sun is already headed down and I have no plan to go back to this house. Ever. I want one … (8 comments)

photography: The Latest Snow in Southern CA - 12/09/09 01:46 PM
Did you see the snow that first morning after the rain? Somehow that first day is always the best one. After that meltoff starts and haze sets in.

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The San Gabriel Mountains on December 8th, 2009. Photography for events, family and weddings in Orange County, Riverside County, Temecula and Murrieta.
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photography: Temecula Photography | Sometimes Black and White says it better - 05/03/09 02:08 AM

My niece at Redwood Estates, CA. The tones and emotion are far better conveyed in this Black and White than in the color version.
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photography: I wish I could revisit all the places my camera has been - 10/04/08 10:05 AM
I've been pretty lucky. My travel has spanned half the globe. Maui did its part to make the case for that claim. I've not been many places that intrigue me like China and Egypt.
My revamped site for my Temecula CA Photography side business has actually turned into a place I like to visit just to see where my memory takes me only because of the help it has from the images I've gathered from Rome, Venice, Auschwitz, Amsterdam, Maui and a host of others. 

photography: Your Quincinera - 09/29/08 11:04 PM
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Consider Dave Keys photography for you local events in Murrieta, CA such as birthday parties, Quincineras or just family occasions where you want to preserve memories of the family time together. I provide on location photography Murrieta, CA and Temecula and surrounding areas. I also travel to Orange County on a frequent basis.

One of my favorite shots from a family portrait session in Maui. Though this photo is technically flawed, the moment captured is irreplacable.

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