how to flip a house: I Can Show You How To Flip A House [806-290-1920] - 04/25/16 06:57 AM
Pamela MadoreKeller Williams My credentials?  I have done both .  There is a wide range of money you can make.  Just like any other goals in your life,  set a goal. Let's first describe what "flipping" a house is.  There is really one word (flipping) that is used interchangeably for two kinds of flipping.      Flipping #1 This can also be called "selling a contract".  Here it is how it is done.  You find a house.  There are many, many ways to find houses.  FSBO houses,  ask people, knock on doors, find old empty houses and a myriad of other ways.  These will generally be … (0 comments)

how to flip a house: FIVE GREAT TIPS ON HOW TO MAKE A PROFIT FLIPPING A HOUSE - 01/11/15 02:21 AM
These are the things you must know:

After Repair Value (ARV).  You will need a Realtor for this unless you have a real sharp handle on the market. Net profit--this is the number that you want to take home Carrying costs--every day you own the house it costs you money--mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, utilities Cost to repair--this can be really hard to figure out. Do an item by item number.Don't forget permits and city inspections.  I always add in an "oops" category for things I missed or forgot about … (4 comments)