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Hi all:  I had the misfortune of sitting through my weekly meeting today and hearing all the negative comments about how nothing can get done, etc. etc. I mentioned I thought purchases would be stronger this year than refinances and it was met with negativity. I'm glad I got out of the office and...
Hello all:  I was thinking today about how appreciative I am of being on ActiveRain. Initially, I was told about ActiveRain from Betsy Talbot of Delegate Now! Thank you Betsy!  I had never heard of ActiveRain and didn't really know what it entailed. It's funny how things all come together in your...
Hi all:  I must be in a blogging mood! I keep reading that our audience wants to know about us personally.  All of my blogs to date have been real estate related and I believe on subject. I'm going to detour briefly here so you can learn a little about me.First of all, I love what I do. A friend ...
Good afternoon: The Seattle market continues to be better than other markets around the rest of the nation.  However, things are still slow on the front lines. I've had a lot of requests from friends and acquaintances about refinancing their mortgage because of the Federal Reserve's actions latel...
Hi all:  I've been studying the idea of refinancing into a 15 year fixed mortgage from a 30 year mortgage and it can make a lot of sense depending on your goals. Realize that 32% of Americans own their homes outright and it's most people's goal to eventually own their home. With more uncertain ti...

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