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Welcome to Keep Austin Excellent! Austin is probably the coolest city I have ever lived in. Here you will find all sorts of information on Austin. Things that make this such an Excellent City to live, work and play in. You will also find information on the local Real Estate scene, Vacation Rental Market and cool thins to do around the area. You may even catch some of rants and raves about things that tickle my blogging fancy. I hope you will find something that makes you think, grow or at least giggle on occasion. Please come back and visit me often!



Van Buren is the Home of The Pointers! They dont call us the Pointers for nothin!My son played QB for Van Buren High School and I always sported my Pointer Pride attire! But I got to show my true Pointer Spirit by helping my First contact from Active Rain to find a home! I wrote a post a while ba...
Ok.....I`ve had about enough of this mental block. I have searched my brain for something to blog about the past week or so, and I find myself coming up empty.I had all these great ideas for blogs and when I would sit down to write....NOTHING !!!I am a bit frustrated to say the least.So, I though...
I just had to share with all of you that I PASSED THE REAL ESTATE EXAM  this morning! I am sending in for my license and as soon as that arrives I can start my career in Real Estate!The testing center said they have never had anyone finish the exam as quickly as I did and pass! I am so proud of m...
This video was sent to me today and I have to share it with you here in the rain. It brought tears to my eyes and a prayer to my lips.This is from a group of soldiers a half a world away.Just click on the image to view.I hope that you will view this and then pass it on.Say a prayer for our soldie...
So I got the approval from the Arkansas Real Estate Commission to sit for my Real Estate Exam!All I have to do now is pay the $75 to take the test and pass and I will have my license and can launch my career into the wonderful world of Real Estate!I am so excited!Now I have to study up really har...
Well, I am movin on up the ladder in the state of Arkansas! I have finally reached 5th and only have 2 more places to go to reach my first goal of being at the top of page under the featured top 2 agents! It will be next to impossible for me to dethrone Ray Nellum and Barbara Duncan. They have be...
How much do you share of yourself with your community? Is there a boundary? Are there just some things that you don't share with the world?These are some of the questions I have been pondering the past few days.In this game called life that we are in, we are told to put our best face forward all ...
Well guys, if you have not read my blog from last, please read it before you read this: This is the size of the hail that pelted us last night :The night passed pretty much uneventful after we finally got to sleep about 2:30 am. Had some m...
 It has been a scary night here in Fort Smith and Van Buren. We have had tornado warnings, severe stroms and extreme hail. It got so bad that I made the decision to take my 26 year old daughter, grandkids and my dog Halle to the neighborhood storm shelter. The sirens were going off and they warne...
I have to acknowledge that I have been a bit MIA lately. I apologize to my loyal readers! Things have been a bit hectic around my home as of late.I attended the Fort Smith Board of Realtors luncheon today at the invitation of our own Ray Nellum.I am not a licensed Realtor yet so it was nice to be...

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