no obligation: Winter Walk ought to be a house hunting event too - 12/18/10 01:31 AM
We are way past the part of the season when we complain that the retailers are rushing us.  The complaints about Christmas promotions coming too early are mostly forgotten.  It's just about panic mode.  The good stuff is gone and the sales we were waiting for have not materialized.   A month or so ago was a great time to shop, but we waited.  Now, the most sought after gift items are hard to find and overpriced.  There is plenty of less desirable stuff, but it's no bargain either.
OK, enough about real estate.  It's not March yet, and we still have … (0 comments)

no obligation: Who needs parents when you have a landlord? - 04/04/10 03:21 AM
How long are  you going to live in someone else's house?  Where are you on the "grown up and independent" scale?
1. Live with Mom and Dad for free.
2. Live with Mom and Dad and pay rent.
3. Go away to school and live in student housing.
4. Get a job and rent an apartment, town home, or house.
5. Your own place.
Numbers 1, 2, & 3 tend to be age-limited for most of us.  Somewhere beyond reaching puberty, we easily move through the first three stages.  Parents never understand that we aren't still children, and schools either graduate … (5 comments)

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